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UK: Green Energy Subsidies Spiralling Out Of Control

Tim Ross, Senior Political Correspondent — The Telegraph — July 4, 2015

Customers face paying £1.5billion more through their bills to subsidise wind farms, solar panels and biomas plants

The cost of subsidising new wind farms is spiralling out of control, government sources have privately warned.

Officials admitted that so-called “green” energy schemes will require a staggering £9 billion a year in subsidies – paid for by customers – by 2020. This is £1.5 billion more than the maximum limit the coalition had originally planned.

The mounting costs will mean every household in the country is forced to pay an estimated £170 a year by the end of the decade to support the renewable electricity schemes that were promoted by the coalition.

Tory ministers are said to be “angry” at the scale of the over-running costs. They are blaming the Liberal Democrats who ran the Department for Energy and Climate Change for the past five years for the spectacular failure to control renewable energy programmes.

The huge excess spending is thought to be a result of higher-than-expected numbers of rooftop solar panels being fitted on houses, falling wholesale energy prices, and offshore wind farms proving more productive than anticipated.  Continue reading here…..

A16PFE Wind turbines against a stormy sky, Llandinam, Powys

A16PFE Wind turbines against a stormy sky, Llandinam, Powys

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2 Comments on “UK: Green Energy Subsidies Spiralling Out Of Control”

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  2. rhymeafterrhyme July 5, 2015 at 4:42 am #

    “The Greek debt crisis,
    The first one we’ve seen
    That was helped on by an economy
    Converting to green;
    With renewable energy
    They tried to impress,
    But all it generated
    Was a financial mess…..”

    From: http://rhymeafterrhyme.net/greece-and-its-green-agenda/

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