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U.S. Study: Cost of Generating Wind Electricity 48% Higher Than Previous Estimates

Aaron Bandler — Townhall.com — July 7, 2015

study released Tuesday morning concludes that the true cost of wind energy is 48 percent high than previous studies have estimated.

The study titled, “The True Cost of Energy; Wind,” was conducted by the Institute of Political Economy at Utah State University, and given to Townhall exclusively. They came to this conclusion by looking at implicit costs that a variety of other studies — including studies from the Department of Energy and the Institute for Energy Research — did not account for.

“Implicit costs are tough to measure,” Dr. Ryan Yonk, co-author of the study and research director in the Department of Economics at Utah State University, told Townhall, saying that he hoped that future studies would look more into implicit costs.

The report highlights four main implicit costs associated with wind energy: the federal Production Tax Credit (PTC), Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), transmission infrastructure problems, and baseload cycling.

Advocates of wind energy point to the fact that 43 percent of all new electricity capacity stems from wind power. However, as the study points out, this is entirely due to the massive amounts of subsidies that wind power receives. Every year, wind subsidies increase by an average of 32 percent, with subsidies totaling almost $5 billion in 2010.  Continue reading here…..

Click here to see full copy of report from the Utah State University and the Institute of Political Economy

Click here to see related story at Breitbart.com


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