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U.S. Study: Wind Turbines Even More Expensive and Useless Than You Thought

James Delinpole — Breitbart — July 2015 The cost of wind energy is significantly more expensive than its advocates pretend, a new US study has found. If you believe this chart produced by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), then onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of power – more competitive than nuclear, […]

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The quiet war Obama is waging on the economy and American families. Bruce Thornton — Front Page Mag — August 18, 2015 Progressives believe that they are the party of enlightenment and science. Conservatives, in contrast, are still enslaved to irrational religious beliefs and fossilized traditions. For progressives, a statement like “97% of scientists believe […]

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Wind farm advocate and liar, Simon Chapman forced to apologize

Graham Lloyd — Environment Editor — August 19, 2015 Public health professor and wind farm advocate Simon Chapman has published a long apology to ­industrial noise campaigner Sarah Laurie for falsely claiming she had been deregistered as a doctor. The apology exposes a long-running campaign to discredit Dr Laurie, who has spoken out for residents […]

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Stefan the Stork? Collateral damage to save the planet. Cecil the Lion? Worldwide Outrage

This horrible, upsetting picture shows a white stork whose beak was chopped off by a wind turbine in Germany. It subsequently had to be “euthanised” by a vet. Though I’ve given him a name – Stefan – I think we can safely predict that his ugly and entirely unnecessary demise won’t generate nearly the same […]

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California’s Clean Energy Jobs Act fails to create promised green jobs

Related article: California Law Fails to Create ‘Green Jobs’… Except For Green Consultants Julia Horowitz — Associated Press — August 18, 2015 SACRAMENTO >> Three years after California voters passed a ballot measure to raise taxes on corporations and generate clean-energy jobs by funding energy-efficiency projects in schools, barely one-tenth of the promised jobs have […]

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Mother Earth Does Love a Good Joke at the Climate Alarmists Expense

(Here we go again.  The story is a couple of weeks old, but it’s deja vu all over.  Gotta love the old gal, Mother Earth.  Her sense of humour is wickedly delicious.  2 recent headlines.  Global Warming expedition stuck— AGAIN!   Doncha love it? — DQ) Click on either article to open…. CCGS Amundsen re-routed […]

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The Climate Change Industry drastically depletes the Energy Market

Dr. Ilea Johnson Paugh — Canada Free Press — August 12, 2015 Countries and companies around the globe have spent trillions of dollars to stop the Earth from warming and the Earth did not get the message, it responded by cooling.  Not to worry, environmentalists who were blatantly wrong and tried to say that cooling […]

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Wow! U.S. Republican Carly Fiorina “gets it” about wind turbines!!!

I like this woman more and more every time I hear her speak.  She only talks about wind turbines briefly, but she’s got them nailed.

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The Roads to Turbine Hell

Originally posted on lsarc:
The roads to turbine Hell 60 Km of new roads and over 40Km of transmission/collector lines cut through the forest. Despite our desperate resistance to the economic suicide of the allegedly ‘Green’ Energy Act,  giant monuments to greed and gullibility blight our iconic landscape which inspired artists, most notably the Group…

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Climate Change: The Hoax that Costs Us $4 Billion a Day

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” Upton Sinclair. James Delingpole — Breitbart News — August 8, 2015 The global climate change industry is worth an annual $1.5 trillion, according to Climate Change Business Journal. That’s the equivalent of $4 billion a day […]

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New Video: Prof. Bjorn Lomborg Explains Why the Hysteria Over Global Warming is Unfounded

Professor Bjorn Lomborg believes in global warming, but says the fear mongering surrounding it is purely propaganda and grossly exaggerated. Perfect video to watch on a Sunday, so grab a coffee or a tea and settle in as you listen to Prof. Lomborg dissect the doomsday fears surrounding the AGW hype.  This is well worth the time […]

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Scientists treat dissent like heresy. Considering their track record, they should welcome debate.

“Because I Said So” Jeremiah Jacques — The Trumpet — June 2015 What should be done to those who question the belief that human activity is causing catastrophic global climate change? Environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (nephew of the late president) recently said some of such people are “treasonous” and should be in jail […]

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Pentagon Says Global Warming Will Destroy The Planet By The Year 2020

Originally posted on Real Science:
Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us | Environment | The Guardian

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