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Scientists treat dissent like heresy. Considering their track record, they should welcome debate.

“Because I Said So”

Jeremiah Jacques — The Trumpet — June 2015

What should be done to those who question the belief that human activity is causing catastrophic global climate change?

Environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (nephew of the late president) recently said some of such people are “treasonous” and should be in jail with other criminals. Similarly, climatologist James Hansen, who was NASA’s top climate expert for over a decade, said questioners of the hypothesis should face criminal trial for “high crimes against humanity.” For Richard Parncutt, a professor at the University of Graz in Austria, however, prison is not punishment enough. In 2012, he said: “I propose that the death penalty is appropriate for influential GW [Global Warming] deniers.”

More mainstream activists generally don’t call for prison or execution, but still work to silence all questioners. In 2007, The Weather Channel’s climate guru called for stripping certification from unbelieving meteorologists. A Senate report that year showed that unconvinced scientists routinely faced threats and intimidation by proponents. In 2013, Reddit’s /r/science forum—which, with five times more subscribers than the New York Times, has become the front line of science-public interface—banned climate change questioners from discussions and said newspapers should follow its lead. A few months later, in his State of the Union address, United States President Barack Obama said that “climate change is a fact” and “the debate is settled.”

This desire to silence, imprison or even kill opposition raises specific questions about climate change. It also raises broad questions applicable to all of science.  Continue reading here…..


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2 Comments on “Scientists treat dissent like heresy. Considering their track record, they should welcome debate.”

  1. Sommer August 12, 2015 at 8:35 am #

    I’m trying to have compassion for people who have severe cases of ‘cognitive dissonance’.
    Considering the way in which we have been consistently bombarded by mainstream media with alarmism based on data from the IPCC that is steadily being proven to have been manipulated through computer modelling, I realize that for people who are highly conscientious about caring for their loved ones and for this planet, it would be difficult to reckon with the revelations coming forth in the scientific community, that we’ve been duped.
    Within academic circles, scientists were held in very high esteem when I was a student. Who would/could ever have imagined that they would falsify data and get away with it?
    It completely disrupts one’s worldview to accept the possibility that we were lied to…again and again and again…..or that the truth was suppressed by the media and by our governments.

    Considering that climate science is ‘in its infancy’, suggesting that these skeptics who are willing to thoroughly examine the IPCC data or who merely observe the reality of more than 100 catastrophic predictions that haven’t, in fact occurred, are “criminals” and deserve the “death penalty”, is beyond ‘cognitive dissonance’.

  2. andreasmarciniak August 18, 2015 at 8:44 am #

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