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Seven top level scientists who are global warming doubters

(Oddly enough, the headline of this article states that these top 7 scientists are “missing the point” about man-made climate change, but then the author neglects to state “how” they are missing the point.  Instead, she presents their credentials and reasons for doubting the man-made global warming theory, thereby giving more credibility to their arguments.  This is not lost on the readers of this article who left several comments on the page about that fact. — DQ)


7 global warming ‘skeptics’ who are massively missing the point

Jessica Orwig — Business Insider — October 23, 2015

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are on the rise. That’s one thing even the climate change skeptics can’t challenge.

And most climate experts agree that CO2 emissions from humans is increasing Earth’s overall temperatures at a faster rate than at any other time in recorded history.

However, there are some people out there — even scientists — who question whether Earth will, in fact, warm up over the next 100 years and how it will effect Earth’s overall climate and ecosystems.  Continue reading here…..

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