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Comparing The World’s “Worst” Hurricane (Patricia) To Hurricane Andrew

Hmmm. Worst most extreme hurricane in RECORDED history, huh??? What a load of crap.

Real Science

Hurricane Andrew was an actual category 5 hurricane, and flattened everything in its path.


Hurricane Patrica is described by experts as the most powerful hurricane in history. This is what Patricia did the Puerto Vallarta

live (1)

At ground zero, some flimsy roofs were damaged and branches broken.



Predictably, experts are still hyping Patricia as a record breaking storm ahead of Paris. It was record breaking.

  1. Most hyper-inflated storm in history. A great fundraising opportunity for scientists.
  2. Least damaging landfalling hurricane in history?

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2 Comments on “Comparing The World’s “Worst” Hurricane (Patricia) To Hurricane Andrew”

  1. gekschmalz@eastlink.ca October 26, 2015 at 9:53 am #


    Greg Schmalz


  2. Alec Sevins November 11, 2015 at 11:58 pm #

    This is a very misleading blog entry. The reason Patricia did minimal damage (to human property) is that it hit in a relatively isolated area and its strength was sapped by mountains, plus it has a relatively small storm surge due to it’s surprisingly fast formation (which was perhaps the most significant aspect of the storm). It’s hardly a case of “no global warming” (your implication).

    The intelligent way to fight wind turbines is on their own negative merits, not with science denial that makes this blog look ignorant. There is no “global warming must be a hoax for wind turbines to be a bad idea.” It’s a case of converging man-made environmental problems. Same goes for things like water pollution, species extinctions, deforestation and so on. Try to view each issue in a separate but related domain.

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