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Stephen Harpers Legacy — Will the Liberals be Judged as Harshly?

We heard non-stop during the last few years of Stephen Harpers Conservative government, that he had “ruined” Canada.   Let’s examine and make record of some of his achievements, so we can compare in 4 years time how Canada has fared under Liberal rule.   Make note of these programs and initiatives so that no one else can take credit for them in the future.

Keep in mind that it is impossible for any government to be all things to all people.  No political party in history has ever been able to provide Nirvana to its citizens.

However, no government in the history of this country has EVER been put under the scrutiny of the social media microscope as Stephen Harpers Conservatives were.  It will be interesting to see if the same mob mentality critical eye is aimed at the Liberals to the same hyper-sensitve, obsessive degree that we saw focussed on PM Harper.

World Rankings

Richest Middle Class in the World:

There were widely touted 2014 reports about Canadas middle class now being the richest in the world, surpassing the United States and taking top spot for the first time EVER.  That didn’t happen under Chretien or Pierre Trudeau or Mulroney.  It happened under Stephen Harper.

British news:  Canada passes US in Middle-Class Wealth

American news:  The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

Canadian CBC news: Canada’s richest 1% aren’t the only ones prospering (Many Canadians in middle bracketrs enjoy ‘remarkable income mobility’)



Harper Government and IBM Partner to Support Opportunities for Innovation

Canadian Innovation Exchange (founded in 2006)



Canadian Economy Grew In July, On Track To Double Expectations

Canada Ranks Among Top 10 Jurisdictions Worldwide for Economic Freedom

From the 2008 Global Recession:

In Crisis, Canadian Banks Survive And Thrive

Avoiding the Financial Crisis:  Lessons From Canada



Canada ranked as ‘most admired’ country in the world

Canada’s reputation takes top spot in international survey

Canada the Freest and Most Tolerant Nation in the World


Humanitarian Aid:

To This Man Who Does Humanitarian Work in Iraq, Stephen Harper is a Hero

$150M in aid for moms and childrens health in developing countries



Canada ranked 4th in the world for scientific research

Opened in 2012 —  SNOLAB is an underground science laboratory located two km below the surface

Increasing Canada’s International Role in Space Exploration

Since 2006, $9 billion has been spent in support of science and technology

Canada and Manitoba to build state-of-the-art Marine Observatory


Health Research:

Viruses that Can Destroy Cancer?  Canada Leads the Way in Research



Canada has eight designated marine protected areas – five on the East Coast, two on the West Coast and one in the Arctic, and the designation of an additional eight areas is in various stages of completion.

National Conservation Plan (2014)


Water Conservation:

We heard many times during the election, how most of Canadas fresh waterways were no longer protected, due to changes in the Navigable Waters Act.   This is a complete and utter lie.


In effect, Harper gutted the Navigable Waters act…..an antiquated piece of legislation from the late 1800’s. Lots has changed in the past 150 years in terms of transportation.

Before, anytime you impacted water (you could “float a canoe on”) you needed to contact the Department of Transportation. You no longer need to do that.

100% of lakes/rivers/etc. are still protected under Federal AND Provincial Environmental Protection Acts as well as the Canada Water Act … and if you’re going to impact the environment you still need to receive the okay from the Ministry of the Environment. And if the project is significant, you still need a review and possible assessment done under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA).

We just no longer need to contact the Fed’s with every little project.

It was a piece of legislation that should have went extinct with the Model T, back when navigable water was the only method of transportation other than a horse and buggy.



Canada’s Best Universities Sit Among The World’s Top Schools, Rankings Say


The Disabled:

Canada’s Registered Disability Savings Plan  (Started in 2015, this plan provides a tax-free savings plan to help families of disabled Canadians put aside money for their loved ones.)


Our Veterans:

Established in 2015, by Stephen Harper (don’t ever let anyone tell you that the new Liberal government did this.)

Veterans Transition Program

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives Have Made Veterans a Priority:

New Veterans Charter,  New Retirement Income Security Benefit for Veterans,   New Critical Injury Benefit,  New Family Caregiver Benefit, Earnings Loss Benefit


Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women:

RCMP report on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women


Aboriginal Programs:

(Thanks to Sandy Crux for this list)

1. Aboriginal Economic Development: In June 2009, the Federal Framework for Aboriginal Economic Development was released and resulted in a fundamental change to how the federal government supported Aboriginal economic development (Link)

2. Aboriginal Program Transfers: Spending increased for Aboriginal program transfers from $6.2 billion in 2007/08 to $7.4 billion in 2011/12 (Link — scroll down to pie graph)

3. Arctic Sovereignty: The Inuit and Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, in support of Arctic Sovereignty, was signed on December 1st, 2006.(Link) (Link)

4. Bigstone Cree and Peerless Trout: The Bigstone and Peerless Trout was the largest land claim ever settled in Alberta and involved a financial settlement of $231 million, as well as extensive new infrastructure and 140,000 acres of prime crown land. (Link)

5. Canadian Human Rights Act Amendment: The amendment to the CHRA in June of 2008 was to ensure First Nations Peoples had the same rights as non-Aboriginals. (Link)

6. Education funding for First Nations K-12: In 2010-11, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) invested approximately $1.5 billion in First Nation K-12 education funding, as well as $317 million in post-secondary education to support First Nation and Inuit students across Canada (Link)

7. Employment programs: There are a number of new employment training-oriented programs available for Aboriginal youth and adults. (Link)

8. Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act: This Act, (link), as well as the amendment to Bill C-24 in 2010, allows for greater certainty of title and makes sure the rights of women and children are considered during any marriage settlement.

9. First Nations Commercial and Development Act: This economic development legislation came into force on April 1st, 2006 (Link)

For complete list, click here……


Social Programs:

Funding for various programs increased across the board, despite the lies spread by the Liberals and the leftist media throughout the campaign according to this report from Global News in September 2015.

Aboriginal Affairs funding increased by $2 billion from 2014 to 2015

Veterans Affairs funding increased to $1.018 billion in 2015 from $897 million in 2014

Elderly benefits increased by $2.3 billion from 2014 to 2015


Infrastructure Spending:

Again, do NOT let the Liberals get away with claiming that they are responsible for increased infrastructure spending.   PM Stephen Harper had already announced a new Public Transit Fund back in the Spring of 2015 that would provide permanent support for large-scale public transit projects.



Federal  transfers to the provinces increased every single year that Harper was in power  (INCLUDING health transfers)


Thank you Stephen Harper.  In our minds, you will always be one of the best Prime Ministers Canada has ever had.


The Future of Canada

There is hope for the future as not all of the newer generation have been indoctrinated into the Liberal mindset.  Kudos to Michael for this excellent video thank you to Stephen Harper.  I encourage you to subscribe to Michaels Youtube page, as he’s got a great young Conservative point of view.


Some Conservative Groups worthy of your support

REAL Women of Canada

Veterans for the Conservative Party of Canada

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