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While you were sleeping all snug in your bed, Jolly Wynne kept us deep in the red

This is from 3 years ago, but it’s only gotten worse for Ontarians under the draconian rule of the Wynne Liberals, so it deserves a repost.


By Rob Snow at 580 CFRA (Ottawa) — December 5, 2013

While you were sleeping, all snug in your beds, with visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads…

Here’s what one hour looked like in Ontario’s energy nightmare.

The hour was 2 to 3 this morning.

During this one hour, the province of Ontario exported 2400 MW of electricity. About half went to New York State, the balance went to Michigan.

The province of Ontario made no money selling this electricity. Zero. Zilch. Natta.

Because there was so much surplus electricity available in the market, Ontario actually paid – yes paid – New York State and Michigan to take this surplus power.

Between 2am and 3am, the wholesale price for electricity was ” underwater”, “went negative”.

The wholesale price was -$3.95 per MWh.

This means Ontario paid New York State and Michigan $9,480.00 to take this electricity. We didn’t sell it. We paid them to take it.

Lucky them!

Not only did they enjoy cut rate electricity, we actually paid them to take it from us!

Where do I sign up for this? Don’t you wish Ottawa Hydro would pay you when you use electricity? Do the laundry, get paid! Oh! If only…

While the wholesale price for electricity at 2am was -0.0039¢ kWh, you were being charged +0.0670¢ kWh.

The market price was -0.0039¢.

Your price was +$0.0670¢.


Now while all of this horse trading was going on, the wind was blowing and the wind turbines were spinning.

Remember that wholesale price I mentioned above?

-$3.95 per MWh.

Well, we pay wind power companies a lot more than that!

When it’s windy, we pay wind power companies $115.00 per MWh.

(When it’s not windy, we don’t pay them $115.00, but we still pay them. The government just won’t tell me how much. It’s a big secret for some reason.)

Between 2am and 3am, it was windy. So Ontario’s 15 wind farms produced 1380 MW of electricity.


That means you paid those wind companies about $158,700 – in one hour – and at a time when there was so much power available, the province cut a cheque worth $9,480 to our neighbors to take our electricity from us!

$9,480 + $158,700 = $168,180.

Dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

(PS, because we are forced to buy wind power ahead of any other source of power, we curtailed our publically owned hydro-electric generating stations at Niagara Falls. During that same hour, 2am to 3am, the original Beck One generating station was operating at 25% capacity. Beck Two was operating at 50%.)



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One Comment on “While you were sleeping all snug in your bed, Jolly Wynne kept us deep in the red”

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