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Union Members Paid $100 to Smile for Trudeau Photo Op…(And it’s illegal)

What a surprise.  Unions, Liberals, breaking the law??  We should be used to this by now, thanks to the Dalton Gang in Ontario.

Union members earned $100 each to smile for Trudeau in Waterloo

Jeff Outhit — Hamilton Spectator — January 28, 2016

WATERLOO — A local union broke the law when it paid 23 members $100 each to stand behind Liberal leader Justin Trudeau when he campaigned here last Sept. 15.

That’s a no-no because it’s like the union making a $2,300 donation to the Liberals, which is unlawful. The Canada Elections Act says only citizens and permanent residents can make political donations.

“We didn’t know that we were breaking the law,” said Russ Jessop, business manager for United Association Local 527, a union representing plumbers and pipefitters. “We feel bad. But now we know. And we’ll make sure we let everybody else know, now that we know the rules.”

The union has voluntarily admitted its offence and has agreed it will not happen again. Canada’s elections commissioner has accepted the pledge. It’s called a compliance agreement and it concludes an investigation into the offence, with no conviction recorded.   Continue reading here….

(Editors Note:  I bet if Jessop’s last name was Duffy and he was a card-carrying member of the CPC, he’d already be behind bars.)



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One Comment on “Union Members Paid $100 to Smile for Trudeau Photo Op…(And it’s illegal)”

  1. gekschmalz@eastlink.ca January 31, 2016 at 6:17 pm #

    It why Wynne will never shut down the CAW turbine.


    Greg Schmalz


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