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Wind: An Important Forgotten or Ignored Weather Variable

Dr. Tim Ball — Watts Up With That — Sept. 10, 2016

“Every wind has its weather.” English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon (1561 –1621)

What happens if the global average wind speed changes by one kilometer per hour? A great deal, including the rate of evaporation from the surface, a major mechanism of energy transfers in the atmosphere. The wind is not part of the official discussion about climate change because it is not part of the greenhouse effect (GE) mechanism. It is the major reason why GE is a false analogy. Wind is a major variable so important in physical mechanisms of the atmosphere. It is also very important in people’s interaction with the atmosphere. But consider what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AR5 Physical Science Basis Report says,

AR4 concluded that mid-latitude westerly winds have generally increased in both hemispheres. Because of shortcomings in the observations, SREX stated that confidence in surface wind trends is low. Further studies assessed here confirm this assessment. (My bold)

Lack of adequate temperature and pressure measurements mean the computer models cannot reproduce accurately these mechanisms. Continue reading here….


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