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Great Game to Play While Freezing in the Dark this Winter

Gotta repost my game from early 2014, just to remind everyone that not one damned thing has changed in complacent Ontariowe.  People are still willing to sit back and do nothing about the thieves who have destroyed this province.

From 2014:  “With more and more families in Ontario entering Energy Poverty, thanks to the insane policies of the Liberal Party, many are now finding themselves sitting in the dark at night. This has spawned a resurgence in board games and the newest rage in board games is the Ontario Liberal Party version of Monopoly.”

Oh there are TWO major changes.  The province now has THREE socialist parties to choose from.  Each one just as bad as the others.  With Liberal plant, Patrick Brown now leading the Conservatives, Ontariowe is truly screwed as he supports Wynnes carbon tax scam.   Ontario lost it’s last chance to turn that province around in the 2014 election.

And THEN, those wise Ontarians handed the keys to the country over to the Airhead Apparent, who is forcing his carbon fees on all of us this coming winter with the help of former Ontariowe advisor, Gerald Butts.   Why did Ontario voters do that?  Perhaps they felt that all of Canada should share in their misery?

Oh and one other major change.  Ontario now gets to enjoy the Liberals CARBON TAX!

Click on game to enlarge slightly then use your browser button to zoom in to be able to see squares clearly.


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2 Comments on “Great Game to Play While Freezing in the Dark this Winter”

  1. Dougal Quixote October 7, 2016 at 6:04 am #

    Reblogged this on windfarmaction and commented:
    It could happen here. In fact it already has! Highest petrol costs in Europe, carbon tax and Renewable Obligation, Subsidies!

  2. marykaybarton October 7, 2016 at 9:18 am #

    Reblogged this on citizenpoweralliance.

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