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First World Women (Especially Celebrities) Need to Put up or Shut up

We’ve seen the womens marches in Washington and around the world, protesting…ummmm….protesting ….???  Well, they’re protesting something.

Not sure what, because President Trump hasn’t taken away any of their rights.  Nor does he plan to.  He’s not taking away their abortion rights.  He said it should be up to the individual states.  He’s not taking birth control off the markets.  He’s not forbidding any woman from getting a job or an education.  So, exactly what are they protesting??

These ‘first world women’ with their first world problems need to put up, or shut up.
Women always like to say they’re equal to men. Well, what do men do when they see oppression and lack of human rights and freedoms in other countries? They don a uniform, consolidate their efforts and they go overseas to free those who are oppressed and enslaved. SOOOOOooooo???

Come on feminists!!!  Form an army. There’s a million of you out there. You would be quite a force to be reckoned with.  Quite the formidable militia.  Let’s go Cher and Madonna, Jane Fonda and Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Rosie O’Donnell and Samantha Bee, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer and Rachel Maddow.  J.K. Rowling and Ashley Judd???  Do you ‘have what it takes’?   You’ve certainly got the money to fund this and goodness knows, you have the mouths for it. Michael Moore, you can join in too.

Oh and Meryl Streep.  With your money, you could easily fund at least 2 jets all on your own.  You could fly your feminist army overseas.  How about buying the uniforms for your troops?   Why aren’t you out there fighting the REAL oppression of women?   Just hop on your private jet, fly over to Iraq and preach your message over there.   Go stand on a street corner in Afghanistan and pass out flyers advising women to break free from their Sharia bonds.

Come on you big-mouthed privileged celebrities.  Put on your designer uniforms and go free women in countries where they are truly treated as less than human. Where they are stoned to death for stepping outside. Where honor killings are considered just punishment.   Where there really IS a rape culture.  Where you’re considered chattel and a possession. Where female genital mutilation is a common practice and young girls suffer horribly.

Why are you standing around in Hollywood, Washington, Toronto, or London??   Off you go!!! Or is it just TOO effortless to bitch, moan and complain from the safety of your democratic country???   Just a bit too easy to protest and demonstrate from the comforts of freedom, huh?    How brave of you to stand up in front of your celebrity buddies and preach about human rights.  Can’t get much safer than that, cowards.

You want to be like men. We hear about it all the time. Women can do whatever men do. Prove it. Enough with the speeches, the platitudes, the empty phrases. Just DO it. Prove to the world that you are truly equal and get your female army together and go assist the women in countries where they are crying out for help.

What’s the matter?  Can’t do it on your own?   Is it too hard?  Do you need a man to help you get started?   I guess you just want to show the world that your words are meaningless and that the only women you really care about, are your first world, entitled, privileged selves?


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