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Energy Poverty — A.G.’s Story

A.G. and her husband live in Bruce County.   A.G. works part-time. Her husband works full-time.   They used to have a house heated solely by electric baseboard, but after watching their hydro bills steadily skyrocket, they decided four years ago to install a gas furnace to cut back on their electricity costs.  With the installation of the vent system, duct work and furnace, the total cost was close to $10,000.

An energy audit of their home at the time gave them an excellent rating.  Windows, doors and insulation were all good.

They thought the savings in their electricity bill would pay for the furnace over time.  Unfortunately, in less than 4 years their hydro bill has climbed back up to the point it was before they installed the furnace (and beyond).  So the money they saved didn’t come close to paying for the switch.  They now keep the thermostat at a steady 60 degrees (15 C) in the  winter to save as much as they can.

They wrap themselves in comforters when watching tv or on the computer.    Even the simple act of turning on a light has become worrisome.  The only time they turn on a room light after dark is when they use the bathroom.

“Air conditioning is completely out of the question in the summer, no matter how hot and humid it is.”   This past summer, they didn’t dare turn on the a/c even though there were several nights they couldn’t sleep.  They found that it affected their performance at work.

“We’ve already cut way back on our food bill and heat has become a luxury that we can barely afford, even with the change to gas heating.  I can’t imagine what we’d do if our children were still living at home.  What a terrible situation for young families to be in.”

Tell us your story of living in energy poverty brought to you by the Liberal Party of Ontario by contacting us on our FB page. We won’t use your full name but the area you live in will be posted to give people an idea of how far reaching this epidemic is.

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5 Comments on “Energy Poverty — A.G.’s Story”

  1. pattikellar November 23, 2016 at 9:13 am #

    Reblogged this on Patti Kellar.

  2. Patricia Foht November 24, 2016 at 1:06 pm #

    So Thankful our heating bill is small. We pay about $100 per month unless it is winter when we pay morelike $150-200 Per month. ALL ELECTRIC. We do not have anything remotely like natural gas here on the FAR west coast. Some people use propane for their stoves and water heaters. IT IS the Hydro electric Which makes us so cheal, AND my electric is a CO-OP, So we are part owners.MY heat source is a Heat Pump, for a 2100 sq ft home. We never usually get below 30-40 degrees F. in the winter either. Pretty good deal all around. I live in Brookings Oregon and My Electric company is Coos Curry Electric Co-OP…..My largest bill is NOT heat it is My MEdical plan…THAT one bill per month to carry medical insurance is 800-1200 dollars per month. Medical insurance is like paying rent today in USA. WHEN you are Not eligible for the OBAMA care plan. So sorry your heat bills are high. I am struggleing like this article over Medical insurance. THIS is the cost before I am even ill.

    • Donna Quixote November 24, 2016 at 8:12 pm #

      Thanks for sharing your story Patricia. I have friends in the States who have told me that they also pay similar amounts for medical insurance. It’s insane. How do governments think the average person can pay such extreme amounts in addition to normal living expenses. Hopefully your new President-elect Donald Trump can make the changes he promised.


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