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The Liberals are Planning a NATIONAL Carbon Tax on top of the Provincial Ones

Hopefully, most of you have seen the emotional plea by an Ontario disabled woman to Justin Trudeau for help with skyrocketing electricity bills.  Click here to see the video and article  from Global News.

In the typical fashion of the entitled elite who have no clue of the trials and struggles of every day working people, he condescendingly tells her that we must do our part to fight climate change. Everyone PAY ATTENTION to what else PM Selfie says to this woman. Did you catch it? He also informs her that Ottawa won’t be bringing in their carbon tax for a couple more years.

Everyone who has been commenting on this video seems to have missed it and the meaning. ON TOP of the provincial carbon taxes that he has already made mandatory and have already been imposed, the Liberals have a NATIONAL carbon tax planned for another few years down the road. My guess is that it will be after the next election, which I’m sure they’re planning on winning. As soon as that happens, they will bring in a national carbon tax to further penalize Canadians for living in one of the cleanest countries in the world.

IF the Liberals truly believe in man-made climate change, then why aren’t they enacting a complete trade embargo against the two biggest polluters, China and India, until they clean up their act?  Instead, Liberals (both federally and provincially) continue to sign trade deals which only INCREASES the amount of pollution coming from these two countries.  Here at home though, we must pay a penalty for our meagre contribution to CO2 emissions.  How does this make sense and why does no one question Trudeau about this?  Don’t you think that cutting off all trade with the biggest contributors to pollution would be the first order of business in fighting climate change?

We need to realize that in order to keep Trudeau and others of his ilk in the carbon footprint to which they have been accustomed, more and more taxes will be added to our lives.   By the way, recent articles have stated that our Airhead Apparent PM has taken ten (TEN!!!!) vacations since coming to office just over a year ago, spewing carbon with each trip.  Taking all of those selfies is exhausting work.

Meanwhile, the little people (that would be us) are increasingly told to scale back our lifestyles and expectations, in order to save the planet.  At what point, do we — as an independent, free, democratic society — stand up to these greedy bastards and tell them that enough is enough?

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