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This Hitler Nonsense

Anyone who has watched the mainstream media since the Nov. 8th election, or reads the comments sections in any online forum dealing with President Trump has surely seen many comparisons between him and Adolph Hitler.   We saw the same tactics during the Canadian federal election 2 years ago.  It disgusted me then and it disgusts me now to see such unfounded, vile rhetoric.   It’s become the norm for liberals to use titles to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with their views.  Racist, homophobe, denier, misogynist, Hitler, fascist, Islamaphobe, sexist, etc.  …  the deck is piled high with such inflammatory cards because it’s a well-played maneuver used by liberals to shut down any debate or discussion.

It’s been so over-played that people have started becoming immune to such attacks, thankfully.  I personally view anyone who plays the Hitler card as the most despicable and disgusting of them all.  For these three reasons:

  • To describe a democratically elected Prime Minister or President as “Hitler”, a man responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, Catholics, gypsies and others, softens the monster that Hitler was.  It lessons the evil of the man.
  •  It trivializes the horrors experienced by those who suffered, starved, and died during one of the most heinous period of modern times.
  • It demeans and mocks the lives of the brave men and women who fought and died so valiantly during WWII to end the tyranny of the Third Reich and to preserve the freedoms that we are all enjoying today.

It’s a reprehensible comparison and should be shot down immediately and the person who made the remark should be ashamed and embarrassed.  The levels that liberals have stooped to in order to quiet civilized debate, to me, can’t get much lower or more debased.

The following article delves further into this topic and is an excellent read, well worth your time.  So grab a coffee or tea and please take a few minutes.

Click here:  This Hitler Nonsense


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