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Inspirational Genius from the Climate Depot. How to Beat Alarmists at Their Own Game!

Want to win an argument with a climate alarmist?  Use their tactics against them.  And unlike the computer models and apocalyptic forecasts that have been a staple for the Church of Global Warming since it’s inception, that have been proven wrong time after time, we can’t miss.

Marc Morano at the Climate Depot came out with a brilliant article this past weekend entitled “If Skeptics Used Same Tactics as Warmists“.

Morano writes  “If the climate realists used the same tactics as the climate alarmists today’s headlines across the globe would read “It’s Official, Global Warming and Higher CO2 Ended the California Drought!!!”

The entire climate change house of cards is largely based upon pseudo-science, where an outlier observation is portrayed as the norm. For example, the bleaching of the coral reefs is due to exposure to the sun, not more CO2.   The loss of Arctic sea Ice is largely due to natural changes in the ocean and wind currents.  Recent claims of a warming Antarctica are based upon an extreme case of cherry picking.  Global temperature records are greatly influenced by known non-CO2 related factors such as the Urban Heat Island Effect, that when adjusted for, eliminate most of if not all warming from the data set. Experiments to demonstrate CO2 caused warming are simply laughable, as are the IPCC models created to “prove” the highly flawed theory.  The number of hurricanes has collapsed, but you won’t find that in the headlines.

None of that matters however because climate “science” isn’t about science, it is about politics. It is all about how the story is spun.

ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!!  So, Don and Donna Quixote put their heads together and came up with some foolproof examples of beating them at their own game.

For instance, 2014 was declared the hottest year on record by a probability of 38% or 48% depending on who you follow…NOAA or NASA.   And the degree of warming that year?  2/100th of a degree.  Think about that.  2/100th of a degree with a 38% chance of probability.  In ANY credible science, those numbers would be thrown out, but not when we’re dealing with the junk science known as man-made climate change.


We’ve been seeing the headlines for years and it always pushes the negative narrative.  There’s a compilation of the terrible things that have been caused by AGW, that I tried to keep on top of, but the daily onslaught became overwhelming.  See list here….   Notice that these headlines and doomsday predictions always use the words, “might”, or “could”.

SO, using this methodology, climate realists – like us – can now make our own assertions and predictions and the beauty is — WE can NEVER be proven wrong!!

And the key is, you want to make these assertions as ridiculous as possible, which is how you win.  Let me demonstrate!

  • Example A — “Thanks to global warming, there wasn’t a population explosion of rattlesnakes in Iceland last year.”   The fact that there are no snakes at all in Iceland, isn’t the point.  The point is that if we didn’t have global warming, there might have been an ice bridge that formed from Canada to Iceland that the snakes could have travelled across.

See how that works?

  • Example B — “Due to global warming, sea levels have not risen by 2 metres in the past 10 years, but have been kept in check to a manageable rise of “1/8th of an inch per year“. (Source: NOAA).
  • Example C — “Thanks to global warming (or climate change) and higher CO2, we won’t see the return of the Laurentide Ice sheet by the end of this century.”
  • Example D — “There’s a 42% chance of certainty that thanks to global warming, there wasn’t an outbreak of Ebola in North America in 2016.
  • Example E — “Thanks to cow flatulence (methane), the fertility rate amongst 30 to 40 year old women has NOT dropped by 90%.”

Get the idea?   Share some of your ideas below in the comment section and feel free to use ours whenever you’re battling the lunacy of the climate alarmists.

You will, naturally, be challenged on these assertions and predictions, so you say exactly what the alarmists have always said.  Whenever someone says to you, “Prove it.” or “Show me the study to back that up”,  you throw it back on them to “Do the research.”  Of course, they won’t be able to find any, so they can’t prove you wrong.

As an end note, there are actually many beneficial and good things happening around the world, but you will never see them in the headlines.  You can use these events as a way to turn alarmist’s negatives into a positives, such as ….”Due to global warming and high CO2, the population of polar bears has been increasing.”    “Due to global warming and high CO2, Atlantic cod is rebounding“.   “Due to higher CO2 levels, the deserts are greening.”  You don’t have to prove it.  Simply saying it is enough.

If global warming is responsible for all the bad things that happen, then it must be given it’s due when good news happens.  Such as…

There you have it.  You now have the ability to flummox, stymie and shut down the opposition using their own nonsense, rhetoric and propaganda tools against them.


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3 Comments on “Inspirational Genius from the Climate Depot. How to Beat Alarmists at Their Own Game!”

  1. Wayne MC Grath April 10, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    ….due to global warming in Canada, tourism has increased exponentially as more people are taking longer vacations to see and enjoy the beauty of our country….

  2. Stephanie Willetts April 11, 2017 at 1:09 am #

    Good example Wayne….imagine too when the ice disappears in Greenland…all the better for agriculture especially with extra CO2.
    The alarmists only ever point out negatives.
    To think humans think can control climate change by simply reducing CO2 levels is laughable.
    We only exist because of natural geologic and climate actIvities over aeons of time. There is an ultimate negative for the human race in the longer term in that Earth is far more likely to extinct us by Caldera,, or deep Ice age than by warming.

  3. Sommer May 19, 2017 at 6:47 pm #

    How are we ever going to get through to Minister Catherine MacKenna and Minister Glen Murray?

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