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Exposing liberals / democrats / socialists by Dinesh D’Souza

Full 90-minute speech of Mr. D’Souza at Brandeis University.  Interesting that before he begins his speech, the young man introducing him, advises the audience that outbursts or any sort of disruption intended to shut the guest speaker down, would NOT be tolerated.  How refreshing.  This is a bit long but worth every single second.  Should be […]

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Environmentalists are the worst kind of Racists — Powerful message From Australia

Australias Senator Malcolm Roberts gives a riveting speech about how todays environmentalists are the worst kind of racists.  They are human racists.  They don’t care that their green agendas impact and strike the worlds poorest people, the hardest. Click here to watch YouTube video

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Short video — Dinesh D’Souza explains how climate change policies hurt the poor

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A Handy Primer for Deluded Warmists

Doug Hurst — Quadrant — March 2017 We all have them, friends who believe the planet is on a CO2-fuelled collision course with a catastrophe that can only be averted by directing large sums to rent-seeking wind farmers and the like. If you know someone like that, here’s a simple, handy guide to the climate […]

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