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The REAL Inconvenient Truth. The Earth Doesn’t Feel Like Adapting to Man.

Here’s a quick thought for the passionate members of the Church of Global Warming / Climate Hysteria to think about.

For the past 100,000+ years, up until a few hundred years ago, man was nomadic.  In the winter, people moved south.  In the summer, they moved north.

If they had a bad season for crops, they relocated to a different area the following year for a better yield.   If there was a flood, drought, fires, etc, they would pack up their meager belongings and move to a more suitable location for survival.

Then a short time ago, in the history of the world, man started putting down permanent roots. NOW, instead of man adapting to the climate, he expects the climate to adapt to him and then is surprised and dismayed when it doesn’t.

And what we hear him saying is, “NEVER before in recorded  history, has there been a drought/ famine/ flood / storm, etc, that has been THIS bad.”  Translation:  “NEVER before has the climate inconvenienced me so much that I must figure out a way to stop it from doing what it has done naturally, for billions of years.”

The real inconvenient truth is that the earth is a constantly changing, evolving planet.  Nothing is stagnant.  Nothing stays the same.  Yet, man, in his infinite arrogance, suddenly wants nature to stop dead in its tracks, so that he can be comfortable.

Doesn’t work that way, folks.  Welcome to life on Planet Earth.

L. Griffin


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