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Volcanic Eruptions Benefit the Environment — HUH???

A little gift for Fathers Day is this article talking about 6 ways volcanic eruptions benefit the planet and the environment.  Now those of us who studied science, back in the days when real science was taught in schools, (before CO2 became public enemy #1) have always been fully aware of this fact.

But for the climate hysterics of the world, this must be truly shocking, when you consider all the CO2 that is released into the atmosphere with volcanic activity.  How can this possibly be beneficial to the planet and the bigger question is, who cares, if we’re all going to die from the CO2 anyway??

6 Ways Volcanoes Benefit Earth, Our Environment

Ashley Williams — AccuWeather Staff Writer — June 2018

Some of the benefits occur in the short term as well as over hundreds to thousands of years, according to Dr. Tracy Gregg, associate professor for the University at Buffalo’s geology department.

1. Atmospheric cooling

One of the shorter-term benefits could be observed with recent large eruptions including 1991’s Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines and 1982’s El Chichón eruption in Mexico, which both exploded ash and sulfur gas into the stratosphere, according to Gregg.

“The sulfur gas combines with water in the atmosphere, creating microscopic droplets that can stay in the atmosphere for years,” Gregg said. “The effect of those aerosol droplets is cooling the lowest level of the atmosphere, which is the level in which we live and breathe.”

Both eruptions cooled the atmosphere about over a half a degree Celsius, she said. “It doesn’t sound like a lot, but when we’re talking about anthropogenic global climate change, volcanoes have actually helped to keep the world about 2 to 3 degrees cooler than it otherwise may be,” she added.

2. Land formation

A long-term benefit of volcanic activity is seen in the Hawaiian Islands’ very existence.

“We’re seeing this right now on the Big Island of Hawaii with Kilauea’s current eruption, as lava is pouring into the ocean and creating new land,” Gregg said. “All of the land in the Hawaiian Islands was created this way.” This land formation can take thousands of years, she added.

3. Water production

Over 4.5 billion years, the amount of water that has been produced by volcanoes has actually given us the water that we have on Earth, Concord University volcanologist Dr. Janine Krippner told AccuWeather.

“It comes out of steam,” Krippner said. “Over time, it’s just built up the water that we have on this planet. Water can actually come out of magma itself, as well.”

Volcanoes have also helped create a large portion of Earth’s atmosphere, she added.

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