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Moltex Generating Power from NB Nuclear Waste

More information on the exciting strides being taken to propel Canada forward into a clean, reliable nuclear energy future. The Chronicle Herald Peter Moreira — July 10, 2019 A British company is developing a 300-megawatt power plant in New Brunswick to source electricity from spent nuclear fuel, and says it could make Saint John a […]

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Wastefree Nuclear Pushes Us Forward!!

Exciting advancements in waste-free nuclear, continue to push us forward towards a CLEAN, reliable and safe energy future. November 19, 2019 Moltex Energy is pleased to announce we have been selected by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) to proceed into final negotiations in the Canadian Nuclear Research Initiative (CNRI).  CNRI is a program to support collaborative […]

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Dispelling the “Climate Denier” narrative

Believing that Climate Change is a natural cyclical event, does NOT make you a climate denier!!!  I still hear that ridiculous talking point made by the believers of AGW (manmade climate change), that if you don’t believe man is responsible, then you don’t believe the climate changes at all.  Completely false and completely ridiculous.  There […]

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