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Moltex Generating Power from NB Nuclear Waste

More information on the exciting strides being taken to propel Canada forward into a clean, reliable nuclear energy future.

The Chronicle Herald

Peter Moreira — July 10, 2019

A British company is developing a 300-megawatt power plant in New Brunswick to source electricity from spent nuclear fuel, and says it could make Saint John a hub for similar zero-carbon plants around the world.

Moltex Energy signed an agreement last July with NB Power, the utility owned by the New Brunswick government, under which both parties would put up $5 million toward the project.

Another company, ARC Nuclear Canada, signed a similar contract to work on a small modular reactor facility.

Moltex has since set up a 10-person office in Saint John, and is now raising close to six million British pounds ($10.3 million) in private money to put toward the project. Over the next year, it will attempt to raise a further £40 million to help finance its first plant near the Point Lepreau nuclear facility, which would eventually cost $1 billion to $1.5 billion. This plant could be ready in eight to 10 years, if everything goes smoothly.  Continue reading here…..



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  1. Wayne November 21, 2019 at 10:28 am #

    Where do you guys live?


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