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Here’s to a Waste-free Nuclear Future and a Final Goodbye

Alas, we have come around to that time of year where we have to make the decision on whether we want to continue on with the site or not.  We had someone step forward last year, offering to manage the site for us for an extra year, but I think this time, we’ll just close it down.  We have so many new interests taking up our days, that we really have no time to devote to keeping things up-to-date.

It’s been a great run.  We’ve met amazing people from all over the world in this fight against multi-billion dollar corporations, some of them Big Oil, who have found another way to fleece the little guy by having billions of dollars poured into a fantasy energy source that will never be any more reliable and dependable than the wind.

With the advances in waste-free nuclear, such as thorium and salt reactors, we’ll hopefully soon see a time when energy will always be cheap, emission free, reliable, and able to handle any requirements that a 21st century world can throw at it.

Here’s your advance warning.  If there’s any articles you’d like to save and keep for your files, please take advantage of this time to copy them from the site.  We have roughly 3 weeks left before the time is up for renewal and everything is gone for good.

It’s been a great decade.  Thanks to everyone for their support.  All the best to everyone in their endeavours to keep our countrysides beautiful and free of the 500 foot tall monstrosities that greedy corporations are determined to hoist on us.  We all want our descendants to know and love the land that we have all known, without it being cluttered up by industrial nightmares.

Our love and best wishes to all of our followers.

Donna and Don Quixote!

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One Comment on “Here’s to a Waste-free Nuclear Future and a Final Goodbye”

  1. Wayne Mc Grath January 7, 2020 at 12:14 pm #

    Hi D & D,

    You will be missed! Your intelligence and knowledge in fighting off the Gore Goons is beyond admirable. Not sure when a visit is in the cards.

    Thank you

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