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Updated list of things caused by global warming

** Note that in every single fearmongering example below, it always says, “might”, “could”, “maybe”, “would”, “some day”, etc.   The original list was obtained from this site, but I’m going to keep adding to it, as every day, I get another Google alert about the next thing that’s going to be catastrophically affected.  My […]

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The First In A Series Of Simplified Explanations Of The Corrupted And Falsified Science Of Human Caused Global Warming

Hat tip to C. Berg. Dr. T. Ball — Principia Scientific International — July 21, 2017 This is the first of a series of articles in which I will provide basic facts about climate and climate change, so the public will understand how much they have been misled by those with a political agenda. The […]

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Inspirational Genius from the Climate Depot. How to Beat Alarmists at Their Own Game!

Want to win an argument with a climate alarmist?  Use their tactics against them.  And unlike the computer models and apocalyptic forecasts that have been a staple for the Church of Global Warming since it’s inception, that have been proven wrong time after time, we can’t miss. Marc Morano at the Climate Depot came out […]

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From Save the Eagles International: Birds and Wind Farms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nov. 10th, 2014 Birds and wind farms In an article published in the Guardian on November 7th, the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is quoted saying that since 1980, across 25 European countries, house sparrow numbers have declined by 147 million, a 62% drop to 90 million. According to […]

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NA-PAW News Release on the Health Canada Study Summary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE North American Platform Against Wind Power November 9, 2014 A case of widespread consumer fraud and systemic government abetted torture:  Health Canada’s study further victimizes wind turbine refugees and cohabitants. Ontario Anti Wind Groups along with International groups, react strongly with anger to the Health Canada wind turbine noise study, knowing that […]

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Denmark: High court rules on compensation for noise from wind turbines

Environment & Climate Change – Denmark High Court rules on compensation for noise from wind turbines September 01 2014 Background Depending on their location, wind turbines can cause noise, visual interference and light reflections. These issues are governed by public and private law, including neighbour law. The main rules regarding noise from wind turbines can […]

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Greenpeace Co-founder Says that Man-Made Climate Change Fails the Most Basic Principles of Scientific Method

James Delingpole — — June 19, 2014 “Climate change” is a theory for which there is “no scientific proof at all” says the co-founder of Greenpeace. And the green movement has become a “combination of extreme political ideology and religious fundamentalism rolled into one.” Patrick Moore, a Canadian environmentalist who helped found Greenpeace in […]

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Ireland: Turbines a Single Chapter in a Complex Story of Rural Neglect

by Una D’Arcy On Tuesday, 14 April I marched in Dublin protesting against Industrial Turbines going into rural Ireland. The numbers were smaller than expected, probably because the government issued press releases over the weekend to say the project for the midlands had been shelved. The taxi drivers on O Connell Street were sweet and […]

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6 Reasons Climate Alarmists Lose Credibility: # 1 They Keep Moving the Goal Posts

Six Reasons Man-made Climate Change Alarmists Lose Credibility February 21, 2014  Does climate change exist? Sure. On an elementary level, there was once an ice age and today there is not. So obviously, the climate changes. The deeper question is how much of an impact human interaction with the planet contributes to changes in the […]

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Deconstruction of Simon Chapmans Nocebo Thesis

12 important things to know about wind farms, health and nocebo effects, by Simon Chapman Simon Chapman, the Australian misocapnist, posted a video lecture outlining his thoughts about wind turbines and health, titled “12 things you need to know about wind farms and health”. It’s more than 26 minutes long, and seemingly designed to bore the viewer […]

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Thousands of hectares of carbon-trapping trees chopped down to build wind turbines.

David Coulter — Hexham Courant (UK) — August 28, 2013 The very mention of windfarms sends a cold shiver down the back of those fervently in opposition to their existence. Many complaints are made about the installation of the sky-high turbines, blighting beautiful countryside one of the most frequent ones. Added to the list is […]

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Wind Energy is Not Green, It’s Just Energy

Paul Crowe — North East Windmills — May 2013 Are you a straight talking, “let’s just get to the facts” sort of person? Would you rather not talk politics? Well, wind energy won’t let you do that, because wind energy, which should be all about the science, is almost always, all about the politics. It’s […]

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Wind companies fatten their pockets at the expense of our health and quality of life — Luann Therrien

Would like to thank First Wind and Sheffield, Vermont for providing my family with too many sleepless nights to count. (sarcasm)  Our family is just one sacrifice of big wind and government. Who can we hold responsible for our torture? The wind companies are backed by the government. We are being made sick (sleep deprivation, feeling […]

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Germany’s renewable energy program at a “chaotic standstill”. A Cautionary Tale for World Leaders.

Howard Rich — Forbes — March 14, 2013 There’s nothing wrong with expanding renewable energy sources. The more choices available in this (or any) marketplace the better consumers will be served – both from a price and a quality standpoint. However serious problems are caused when government starts using taxpayer resources to subsidize or incentivize […]

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Why is Quixotes focussed on Big Wind and not Big Oil or Big Gas?

As owners of Quixotes, we get asked from time to time why we are fighting the Big Wind industry and not Big Oil or Big Gas.    I think it’s time to explain why we’ve chosen the side that we have. First of all, we are all for individual — home or business — wind and solar […]

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