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Why the Left Needs Climate Change

Stephen F. Hayward — Forbes — June 9, 2015 Try this out as a thought experiment: what would happen if, tomorrow morning, we had definitive proof that catastrophic climate change was impossible, wasn’t happening, and would never happen. Would Al Gore breathe a big sigh of relief and say—“Well good; now we can go back […]

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The skeptics were right: Climate changes naturally & these natural changes outweigh any man-made influences

A Pacific Reason Why Global Warming has Stopped The Hockey Schtick — August 30, 2013 An interesting week in climate change science and climate change politics – sometimes a little difficult to distinguish between them! We have a new paper published in Nature which ties the current hiatus in global-warming to cooling in the eastern equatorial pacific, a […]

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Dr. Tim Ball: Climate Deception — How The “Hottest” Temperature Game Is Played To Offset Prediction Failures

(Tip o’ the hat to John O’Sullivan) Principia Scientific — August 27, 2013 Global temperature is not doing what the “official” Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted. Proponents of the claim humans are the cause of warming and the cooperative media react by trying to deflect, divert and perpetuate fear. They exploit people’s lack […]

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The Magic Ocean

Originally posted on cosmoscon:
The last 15 years have been very hard for Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult priests like Kevin Trenberth. And for good reason….. He’s upset because Team AGW can’t explain the ‘pause’ in rising global temperatures over that period and he’s been trying to find an explanation. Well stop the presses because…

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“When science and scientists one day discover a genuine crisis, nobody will listen.”

“Former U.N. panelist, Dr. Kimimori Itoh, a Japanese physical chemist, calls the (AGW) phenomenon “the worst scientific scandal in history. When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” That’s too bad, because when science and scientists one day discover a genuine crisis, nobody will listen.” Tip […]

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German Meteorologists Ridicule IPCC — Skeptics ‘chipping away’ at AGW hysterics

P. Gosselin —  No Tricks Zone  — August 18, 2013 Sometimes it takes awhile for bad science to be exposed. Often it starts with one person finding an inconsistency, digging a little deeper, and then announcing that something is rotten. That person in turn gets attacked and smeared as an outcast. But a few other, open-minded […]

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Oh Mann! Paper demonstrates that tree-ring proxy temperature data is ‘seriously compromised’

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Michael Mann won’t be happy about this. A new paper now in open review in the journal Climate of the Past suggests that “modern sample bias “has “seriously compromised” tree-ring temperature reconstructions, producing an “artificial positive signal [e.g. ‘hockey stick’] in the final chronology.” Basically, older trees grow…

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May 2013 — Climate Scientists Laugh at Global Warming Hysteria

Respected Australian scientists laugh at Julia Gillard, David Suzuki  and other climate change drama queens. Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University is a Marine Geologist. Professor Peter Reid of James Cook University is a Marine Physics specialist. Professor Garth Paltridge is a former Cheif Scientist at the CSIRO and is an Atmospheric Physicist. Listen […]

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An Open Letter to Fellow Environmentalists — from a former renewables advocate

(Donna’s note:  This should be sent to every politician and every ‘green’ person in your life to help them understand that those of us who are against the industrialization of rural countrysides with wind turbines are NOT ‘anti-earth’, but are in fact the last battalion left standing who understand the destructive nature of these supposedly […]

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The Hockey Schtick — Paper finds lifetime of C02 in atmosphere is only 5.4 years

17th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties — August 9, 2013 A paper presented at the SEVENTEENTH SYMPOSIUM ON THERMOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES finds that the lifetime and residence time of man-made CO2 in the atmosphere are only about 5.4 years, far less than assumed by the IPCC. The paper corroborates prior work by Salby, Humlum et al, Frölicher et al, Cho et al,Calder et al, Francey […]

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Dude, where’s my glacier? Climate Change theories on thin ice.

John Robson — Parliamentary Bureau — August 10, 2013 Hey, where’d my glacier go? It was right here. Must be all that climate change. No, really. I’m writing in Glacier Bay, a rightly famous beauty spot just west of Skagway (a famed tourist trap but that’s a story for another, duller day). But it seems […]

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Global Warming Responsible for Epidemic of Rail Disasters!

Editors Note:  When I first read the headline, I thought, “Here  we go again!  What isn’t AGW responsible for?”  But then I started to read.  And chuckle.  And read some more.  And laugh.  And read the footnotes at the bottom and laugh even harder. — DQ From American Thinker: By Andrew Thomas — August 3, 2013 […]

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That Bogus Greenhouse Gas Whatchamacallit Effect

John O’Sullivan — Slaying the Sky Dragon — 2012 Red-faced global warming policymakers are now back tracking as independent experts increasingly discredit the cornerstone of climatology: the greenhouse gas effect (GHE). One such whistleblower is Dr. Pierre R Latour who explains adroitly belowhow his NASA colleague, septuagenarian Dr. James Hansen, concocted a mythical 33°C [91.4°F] atmospheric […]

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Camera allegedly showing the North Pole melting turns out to be approximately 300 miles to the South

Everybody’s seen this picture the last few days supposedly showing that the North Pole is melting. Turns out, that camera is on a buoy that has drifted approximately 300 miles to the south and is now closer to Greenland than the North Pole. Just found this interesting tidbit on from the States.”from Roger Anderson, […]

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Energy Program Shows the Dishonesty of Climate Change Arguments

Gordon J. Fulks — The Climate Sceptics Party — July 21, 2013 A response to President Obama’s climate speech in late June originally published in The Oregonian. (link) In 1960 when a U2 spy plane disappeared over the Soviet Union, President Eisenhower told the world that it was a “weather research aircraft” flying out of Turkey. […]

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