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Lord Monkton Told by Climate Change ambassador in 2014 that Stephen Harper Would be Removed from Office by the U.N.

In an Australian interview in the fall of 2014, Lord Monkton stated that Sir David King, the Climate Change ambassador to the United Kingdom, was asked by the Environmental Committee of the House of Commons (Britain) if all the nations of the world were ready to sign the Global Warming Treaty in Paris (Fall of […]

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Agenda 21 Steps It Up A Notch in Ireland With Plans to Strip People of Their Right to Live in the Country

Claire O’Sullivan — Irish Examiner — May 22, 2014 A candidate for Cork County Council has warned that the local authority’s draft county development plan is seeking to “strip people of the right to live in the countryside”. According to Midleton-based candidate Wayne Halloran, the draft blueprint for the development of the county sets out […]

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You just gotta watch this: Not ‘noble cause corruption’ – just corruption

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Skiphil writes in Tips and Notes: Too funny, too funny….. this is a serious matter, but funny when leading Greens and Hollywood types get caught on film in a genuine conspiracy to hide Middle Eastern “oil” funding to make an anti-Fracking film for the “movement” …. (Added: One…

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Australia: Green Policies Are Killing Manufacturing – And For What?

Andrew Bolt — PA Pundits — February 17, 2014 Brendan Pearson, chief executive of the Minerals Council of Australia, on howgreen policies made our power prices among the world’s highest – and for what?. Less than a decade ago, Australia enjoyed the lowest energy costs in the developed world… But today that advantage has largely […]

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Another moment of insanity courtesy of the AGW crowd — Bicyclers emit C02 and need to be taxed

Climate Change Proponents Hard to Take Seriously Paul Roy — Guardian Liberty Voice — February 14, 2014 It sure is hard to take climate change proponents seriously when they come up with schemes like the latest proposal in the state of Washington. It seems Washington State Representative Ed Orcutt (R – Kalama) has actually claimed […]

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50,000 people Protest in Poland against the UN’s climate change agenda

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Climate change ‘scientists’ are just another pressure group

The IPCC and its reports have been shaped by a close-knit group of scientists, all dedicated to the cause Christopher Booker — The Telegraph — October 5, 2013 Last weekend, something very odd happened. On Friday we were told that in Stockholm the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC) had published a report […]

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The ice is not melting, yet still the scaremongers blunder on

Christopher Booker — The Telegraph — September 22, 2013 The real global warming disaster: green taxes, a suicidal energy policy and wasting billions on useless windmills The news that hundreds of scientists and officials from all over the world are this weekend converging on Stockholm to discuss the next 2,000-page report from the UN’s Intergovernmental […]

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Help, there’s an ICLEI in my backyard! (Part One)

Originally posted on FAUXGREEN:
The cause of the Ontario Liberal government’s industrial wind turbine madness Why, against all that is rational, ethical, and in the best interests of the people, is the Ontario Liberal government continuing to impose thousands more of the useless, destructive, dangerous, costly, un-green, landscape-blighting industrial wind turbines on large swaths of rural Ontario?…

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UN has hidden research that shows that nature, not humanity, controls the climate (SHOCKER!!)

Investigate Daily — September 18, 2013 OTTAWA, Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – “As the science promoted by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) falls into disrepute, reporters face a difficult decision,” said Tom Harris, executive director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC). “Should they cover IPCC reports, the next […]

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Blackouts looming for the UK due to cockamamie Wind Farm schemes which are a total failure

Stephen Pollard — The Express — June 29, 2013 MY first political memory is of darkness. More specifically it is from the 1973/74 miners’ strike and the then energy secretary Patrick Jenkin imploring the nation to brush our teeth in the dark and save energy. I thought it was rather funny seeing this strange man […]

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Agenda 21 Redistributes Wealth through Stealth

Julie Beal — Activist Post — May 11, 2013 I’ve got a very important story to tell, so listen closely. Fed a diet of ‘alternative reactions to the mainstream news’, you probably won’t know about any of this, because it’s not had much of a public airing. The final push of Agenda 21 is to […]

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Interesting site — The Green Agenda

From The Green Agenda “We should all want to be wise and careful stewards of the beautiful planet we call home. But most of us realise that humans in general are not being good stewards. We are wasteful with our natural resources and have reduced biodiversity. Therefore, when we read about groups and organisations calling […]

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WWF — The paid propaganda shills for Greed Energy

Green Energy in Ontario: Why we can’t afford to slip backwards Josh Laughren — WWF Canada — April 24, 2013 Extreme weather conditions are an impact of climate change.  It’s a huge global threat, and one that Ontario must face.  According to the Ministry of the Environment, Ontarians could experience an average increase in temperature by […]

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