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The Fallacy of Wind Energy — Minimum Power at Astronomical Costs

Matthew Hurwitz — Milford Daily News — April 28, 2014 America uses 4,047,765,000 megawatt hours of electricity … 4.047 billion megawatt hours The latest wind turbines produce a maximum of 2.5 megawatts when the wind speed is perfect. Wind turbines start operating at wind speeds of 4 to 5 meters per second and reach maximum […]

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Wind Energy — Free and Clean? Actual World Data Proves Otherwise

High numbers of wind turbines equals the highest electricity rates. Tip of the hat to the Galileo Movement for this chart. This chart uses data from 2011.  Ontario, which has seen several rate hikes since then is not on this chart, but is lumped in with the rest of Canada.  However, we  know that Ontario (the […]

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How much wind will a windmill mill if a windmill only uses wind?

Greg Fraunfelter asked that question in the Columbus Dispatch today.  And it’s a good question.  Far more complex than it seems on the surface. For ourselves, we have noticed at times that the turbines in our area will be spinning away on days when there’s not a breath of wind anywhere.  Leaves on the highest branches of a […]

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A MUST READ — Big Wind’s Dirty Secret: Toxic Lakes and Radioactive Waste

Travis Fisher and Alex Fitzsimmons — Right Side News — October 23, 2013 The wind industry promotes itself as better for the environment than traditional energy sources such as coal and natural gas. For example, the industry claims that wind energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. But there are many ways to skin a […]

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Germany: Mutiny in the Land of Wind Turbines as thousands of hectares of pristine forests are felled for wind energy

More than 700 citizens groups have formed in opposition Matthias Schulz — Spiegel Online — July 12, 2013 Germany plans to build 60,000 new wind turbines — in forests, in the foothills of the Alps and even in protected environmental areas. But local residents are up in arms, costs are skyrocketing and Germany’s determination to […]

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Denmark — The Inefficiency of Wind Turbines — Why they probably use more power than they create

(Editors Note:  It never hurts to repost an excellent article, like this one written by Eric Rosenbloom from Denmark, about the inefficiencies of wind power. — Donna Quixote) Eric Rosenbloom — Denmark “Wind promises a clean and free source of electricity that would reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels and the output of greenhouse […]

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Dr. Robert McMurtry — “No Safe Place”

Dr Robert McMurtry, Order of Canada, records his concerns about Industrial Wind Turbines.  Find out about the effect of Wind Turbines on human health and community well-being, in this powerful video called “No Safe Place.” Only 13 minutes long, this video is compelling.  Please take the time to watch it.

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Denmark — “Serious Environmental Effects”

by Eric Rosenbloom In 1998, Norway commissioned a study of wind power in Denmark and concluded that it has “serious environmental effects, insufficient production, and high production costs.” Denmark (population 5.3 million) has over 6,000 turbines that produced electricity equal to 19% of what the country used in 2002. Yet no conventional power plant has […]

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The Effects of Wind Turbines in China? Pollution on a disastrous scale.

Those who espouse that wind turbines are environmentally friendly could not be more wrong.  Yes turbines are not the only product that uses rare earth metals, in particular neodymium.   That’s not the point.  To say that wind turbines do not cause pollution or harm the environment is misleading and outright false. Daily Mail Live — January 26, […]

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