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New NASA video showing a 3D map of Greenlands Ice Sheet proves once again that climate change is natural

Watch this great short video showing a 3D map of Greenlands ice sheet, demonstrating 3 distinct warming patterns in just the past 100,000 years, alone. And for a bit of extra enjoyment, watch Andrew Klavan rip apart the Global Warming hysterics.

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Before Your SUV Ruined The Climate, Tornadoes Killed Thousands Of People

Originally posted on Real Science:

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Century-old photographs taken in Antarctica show *gasp* open water AND bare land!!

We’re all aware by now of the delightfully ironic story coming out of (Summertime) Antarctica, about the climate research ship that is stuck solid in thick ice.  Chinese, Russian and Australian icebreakers have turned back for fear of also getting caught in the grip of the ice sheets.  Apparently these climate researchers are there to […]

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