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UK: Wind farm noise: a government cover-up

James Delingpole — The Telegraph (UK) — December 3, 2013 How good it was seeing wind industry skullduggery exposed on the front page of today’s Telegraph. But there’s plenty more where that came from, I can assure you. The way the noise regulations governing the wind industry have been rigged by vested interests is one […]

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James Delingpole: Climate alarmists have lost the debate — it’s time we stopped indulging their poisonous fantasy

James Delingpole — The Telegraph — October 6, 2013 The story so far: with the release of its Fifth Assessment Report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it cannot be taken seriously. Here are a few reasons why: IPCC lead author Dr Richard Lindzen has accused it of having “sunk […]

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Judas List: Is it time to ‘out’ these greedy landowners and ostracize them for their complicity

(Perhaps this is what we need to do in Ontario.  Publicly shame those landowners whose unbridled greed has destroyed rural communities, caused untold suffering to his friends and neighbours and has laid bare to foreign wind developers our most prized assets in this province….our families, our quality of life, our natural heritage.  Should we join […]

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Delingpole: Wind turbines are an iniquitous assault on property rights

James Delingpole — The Telegraph (UK) — August 23, 2013 I’m writing these words in what was formerly one of the loveliest valleys in all of Wales. To be fair, the Edw valley still is pretty spectacular. But this year, for the first time in the decade or more I’ve been holidaying here, I no […]

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Another day, another wind industry scandal

James Delingpole — The Telegraph — July 14. 2013 What’s the difference between a left-wing investigative journalist and a right-wing investigative journalist? Simple: the left-wing variety wins Pulitzer prizes (a la Woodward and Bernstein), or gets feted ad nauseam in Private Eye (Paul Foot), or gets given endless documentaries on Channel 4 (John Pilger); the […]

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James Delingpole: Wind farms — Ceausescu would have loved ’em

The Telegraph — June 19, 2013 Wind farms are like one of those frustratingly unripened boils: you know that you shouldn’t keep squeezing but they’re so noxious and irritating and hideous that you just can’t resist. If you’ve got the same problem, then I heartily recommend you read this brilliant essay on the subject by Russell […]

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James Delinpole — Worse is better

The Telegraph — March 24, 2013 My original headline for this piece was I. BLOODY. TOLD. YOU. SO! but I’ll save that for another occasion. All I wanted to note, really, was that these last few days the argument appears to have been going very much my way. I’m thinking of Charles Moore in the […]

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James Delingpole — “Bat-chomping, bird-slicing Eco Crucifixes”

Ricochet — January 5, 2013 It’s hard to pick which aspect of the global green movement disgusts me most: really, we’re spoilt for choice. But if I had to choose one thing, I think it would be its grotesque, almost pathological hypocrisy. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the greenies’ ongoing obsession with wind farms […]

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James Delingpole — Wind industry big lies # 3: wind turbines are eco-friendly

The Telegraph — January 5, 2013 Of all the many lies put out by the subsidy-troughing scum-suckers of the wind industry and their greenie fellow travellers, the biggest porkie of the lot is this: that wind turbines are eco-friendly. In order to believe this tosh, you’d first have to accept the warped view that being […]

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James Delingpole — Wind farms and the vital importance of local democracy

The Telegraph — December 6, 2012 One of the happiest nights of my life happened just over a month ago, when the planning committee of Daventry District Council voted 9 to 1 against a ruddy great industrial wind turbine which a farmer was trying to put up on one of the highest hills in my […]

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James Delingpole — Big Wind: The most corrupt and corrupting industry in the world

James Delingpole – The Telegraph — November 19, 2012 There’s an excellent article in the Copenhagen Post which I’m going to reprint here in full. It’s by a retired high court judge called Peter Rørdam. I’m reprinting it because apart from the place names, every last detail applies to the UK wind industry too. And – from […]

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James Delingpole — Wind energy claims are just a lot of hot air

The Telegraph — November 1, 2012 The case for winds farms is all but lost, as the Tories inject a welcome dose of reality into the debate Have I just broken the record for the shortest and most successful election campaign in the history of politics? Well that’s one way of looking at my incredibly […]

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(UK) Wind industry big lies no. 2: your property values will not be affected…

James Delingpole — The Telegraph — September 20, 2012 “….And there’s no direct evidence that they affect house prices, in fact the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors says they don’t….” This is a quote – a genuine quote: not one devised by his enemies to satirise the outrageous absurdity of the wind industry’s specious claims […]

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James Delingpole –Arguments for wind power are just hot air

Hat tip to Maggie’s Farm for this one.  Gotta love James Delingpole! I’d do anything to fight these pernicious turbines — including stand for Parliament, says James Delingpole. The Telegraph — September 17, 2012 Why on earth am I standing as an independent candidate in the Corby by-election? The very last thing I want is […]

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Are wind farms saving or killing us? A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them

James Delingpole — MailOnline — September 8, 2012 It was Uplawmoor’s tranquillity and wild beauty that drew civil servant Aileen Jackson to settle there 28 years ago. She’d had enough of life in the big city. Now she wanted somewhere quiet and rural to start a family, keep her horses, and enjoy the magnificent views […]

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