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Green energy is a wrong-headed approach to energy policy

Dr. Steven Murgatroyd — Calgary Beacon — November 29, 2012 The green energy strategy being pursued, at least in part, by governments around the world is a response to three competing factors. First, it is seen as a response to the growing concern with climate change – green energy is seen as a way of […]

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The Exhibition Place Turbine in Toronto — The one the GTA loves to brag about — is merely a green energy icon!

Tip of the hat to Wind Concerns Ontario Scott Luft — — November 15, 2012 The Exhibition Turbine: An Icon for Ontario’s Mazza Race The Toronto Exhibition grounds are the appropriate site of a wind turbine that is frequently described as iconic.What does this icon represent?A review of the performance of Toronto’s wind turbine […]

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McGuinty’s Green Energy Act’s “Mortality Threshold” favours wind developers over Ontario’s natural heritage

Rick Conroy — The Wellington Times — November 16, 2012 How ministry bureaucracy tasked with protecting Ontario’s natural heritage is clearing the way for industrial wind development What is an Important Bird Area? Does it have any specific meaning or legal weight? Not much, it seems, when it comes to industrial wind factories or solar […]

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What Alberta can learn from Ontario’s Renewable Energy Revolution? — Ah, the usual rhetoric, misleading information and propaganda

David Dodge — Huffington Post — September 12, 2012 The latest quarterly progress report by the Ontario Power Authority on electricity supply in Canada’s most populous province isn’t destined to be on the bedsides of millions of people. But what this dry, chart-heavy document reveals is the plain fact that starting in 2011 Ontario already […]

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Dr. Ross McKittrick — The Failure of the Green Energy Act

Green energy failure Ontario’s plan to shut its coal plants will end up costing billions. Ross McKitrick, Financial Post – May 17, 2011 The pledge by Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak to roll back key provisions of the Ontario Green Energy Act is a courageous move and deserves to be applauded. It will likely spark intense […]

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