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Scotland: 5 million trees chopped down for wind turbines (That’s what’s called “saving the planet”)

(Somehow these idiot politicians just don’t get that trees are needed for the eco-system of this planet to be relatively stable and thrive.  For decades we’ve been lectured about losing the Amazon forest.  Well it’s all connected!  The trees in Scotland and Ontario, etc. are just as important to the earth as the Amazon forest […]

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Old Growth Maple Forest in ThunderBay being chopped down for ‘green’ wind turbines

James Murray — NetNewsLedger — September 16, 2013 THUNDER BAY – Editorial – Ontario has an electricity surplus. That is the word coming out from Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli. The Ontario Government is set to pay wind farm producers not to produce energy. In Thunder Bay, an old growth Maple Forest is in the process of […]

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Thousands of hectares of carbon-trapping trees chopped down to build wind turbines.

David Coulter — Hexham Courant (UK) — August 28, 2013 The very mention of windfarms sends a cold shiver down the back of those fervently in opposition to their existence. Many complaints are made about the installation of the sky-high turbines, blighting beautiful countryside one of the most frequent ones. Added to the list is […]

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Boralex bulldozes forest for wind turbines in Bisnett Line Project

Originally posted on Ontario Wind Resistance:
Click on the Ontario Wind Resistance link to view pictures. Ontario Wind Resistance View original post

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Wind turbines or trees? Energy poverty leads to increase in wood stove sales.

David Norman — — January 28, 2013 A couple of weeks back, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the increasing devastation of forests (trees) in Greece, where as a result of the high cost of energy, impoverished folks who cannot afford electricity or fuel have turned to wood stoves to heat their […]

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Vermont mountains decapitated and deforested to ‘save the planet’.

P. Gosselin — April 28, 2012 “It’s just stunning how psychologically people just blindly herd behind a fad to the point where they just don’t even see the massive damage being inflicted. “ The Green Wave — How Vermont Protects the Environment Last fall I wrote about how self-anointed environmental mastermind politicians in my homestate […]

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