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North Perth — Welfare of children at risk due to wind turbines, parents say

Andrew Smith — Southwestern — September 5, 2012 NORTH PERTH – Parents and community members are speaking out for those who can’t, expressing their concern for special needs children living in the shadow of proposed wind turbines. When Britton residents Gerald Rathwell and Tammy Medeiros look at the draft site plan for the Conestogo […]

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UK –Wind farm ‘could threaten special needs day centre in Blaenau’

South Wales Evening Post — August 28, 2012 THE chairman of an action group against plans for a wind turbine says special needs children using a nearby day care centre will be “overloaded” by its noise. Bob Gunstone, chairman of Saron, Llandybie and Penygroes (Slap) action group claims children with special needs are unable to […]

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UK — Family with Autistic son moves to keep him away from wind turbines

BBC — August 25, 2012 Wind farm fear prompts family with autistic son to move A Lincolnshire family with an autistic son said plans for wind turbines near their home had prompted them to move to another county.    The Robinsons used to live in Owmby by Spital where a farmer has applied to put […]

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Aspergers Syndrome — Children and Sensory Sensitivity

Children with Aspergers Syndrome suffer from sensory sensitivity or are sensory defensive. This sensitivity can encompass any or all of the senses: sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell. These sensitivities are real, and cause the sufferer much discomfort, some describing it as painful.  Sensory overload can trigger a meltdown, often being the straw that broke […]

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Asperger’s and Noise Sensitivity

People with Asperger Syndrome often have to deal with extreme sensitivities to everyday sights, sounds, smells and touch. Certain studies indicate that between 42% and 88% of people with Asperger Syndrome do experience such sensitivities. Hearing problems are the most common. Some Aspies seem to hear sounds others do not. They can be driven to […]

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The Effects of Wind Turbines on Children

Julie Eby  B.A., E.A. —  Preschool Behavior Therapy The constant noise produced by wind turbines can have detrimental effects on all children, but especially children with Special Needs.  Children with Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of intrusive noise. Children and adults who […]

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Wind Turbines and their effects on Autistic Individuals

As the mother of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome (a higher functioning form of Autism), I have taken a special interest in how wind turbines can affect those who deal with this disorder, especially children.  Although Matthew, my son, is now 30 years old, I know he is still highly sensitive to sounds that the rest of us […]

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U.K. — Lincolnshire windfarm rejected to help autistic boys

A North Lincolnshire windfarm plan has been rejected because of the “serious effect” it would have on eight-year-old autistic twin boys living nearby. Anita and Trevor Glathorne, whose Burton upon Stather home is already overlooked by one windfarm, said the rotating blades affected their sons. The planning inspectorate dismissed the appeal solely because of the […]

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U.K. — Autistic Children Suffering Distress due to Wind Turbines

Chester Chronicle — May, 2010 Report claims children suffering from autism will be caused distress by windfarm turbines A CLINICAL psychologist’s claim that wind farms can cause people with autism extreme distress has sparked health fears. … Consultant clinical psychologist Dr Susan Stebbings said anyone suffering with autism and living close to wind farms would […]

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