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Germany — A Flock of Partridges Tried to Make it Through an Industrial Wind Facility…

….they didn’t get very far.  The video is in German, but you don’t need it in your language to understand the anger felt. From The maker of this video wrote: This video shows a flock (dozen) of partridges which was pressed on the base of a wind turbine. The partridges flew with tailwind over […]

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Germany’s ‘Green’ Revolution Is Running Out Of Money

Germany’s $412 billion green energy plan may be running low on cash as consumer energy prices skyrocket and traditional power plants require more subsidies to stay in business. Michael Bastasch — July 1, 2015 Excerpt — For years, Germany has been trying to force more wind and solar energy onto its electrical grid, but what started […]

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What Do Germany, Harvard Law, Bats and International Court Hearings Have in Common?

Richard Corbett — Harvard Magazine — July 17, 2015 INTERNATIONAL COURT HEARINGS don’t typically fall within the purview of American legal education. Yet in my three years at Harvard Law School, I managed to line up legal internships in Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, and India—so when a friend from a German nonprofit invited me to […]

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Germany: “Not All Things Green Serve the Purpose of Nature Conservation”

Germany’s “energywende” threatens migratory bats Forschungsverbund, Berlin — February 11, 2015 Numerous bats are killed by German wind turbines. The number of such turbines, already very high, is planned to be increased further. More than two-thirds of bats being killed by wind turbines on German ground are migrants on their way between summer and winter […]

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Germans Feel the Burden of Its Shift to Renewable Energy

(Take note of which countries make up 2 of the top 3 in terms of electricity prices in Europe.  The ones most heavily into wind. Coincidence??? — DQ) Stratfor Enterprises — February 5, 2015   Germany is experiencing deflation for the first time since 2009. Though other factors have certainly contributed to the economic decline, […]

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America Should Avoid Germany’s Failed Energy Policy

Jared Meyer — Manhattan Institute — December 1, 2014 The Environmental Protection Agency’s new proposed ozone regulations, released the day before Thanksgiving, will raise the price of American energy by forcing new requirements on utilities, coal, oil, and natural gas. The new regulations, out for proposed comment, would limit ozone pollution to between 65 and […]

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Ten Years and Billions of Dollars Spent on Wind Later: Germany’s Emissions Remain Unchanged

Julia Mengewein — Bloomberg — September 22, 2014 When Germany kicked off its journey toward a system harnessing energy from wind and sun back in 2000, the goal was to protect the environment and build out climate-friendly power generation. More than a decade later, Europe’s biggest economy is on course to miss its 2020 climate […]

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Germany’s Green Energy Policies Making Electricity a “Luxury” — Welcome to Ontario’s Future

Thomas Lifson — American Thinker — September 15, 2014 The German weekly magazine Der Spiegel is not exactly known as a conservative outfit.  But Germany’s green energy policies have proven so disastrous that the magazine is writing that electricity is becoming a luxury good, owing to the vast expense and inefficiency of the wind, solar, […]

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Investors Becoming Nervous As Flagship German Offshore Wind Farm Project Humiliated by Technical Faults

Donna Rachel Edmunds — — Sept. 12, 2014 Germany’s flagship Bard 1 offshore wind farm has been described as “a faulty total system” as technical problems continue to plague the project, casting major doubts on the feasibility of large scale offshore projects. The wind farm was officially turned on in August last year but […]

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Germany’s Flagship Green Energy Policy “In Tatters”

“Despite the massive expansion of renewable energies, achieving the key objectives of the energy revolution in Germany by 2020 is no longer realistic” says the report. Justin Huggler — The Telegraph — September 2, 2014 Germany’s flagship green energy policy is in tatters, according to a new report by the consultancy firm McKinsey which says […]

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Greenpeace: Germany is Now the Biggest Consumer of Lignite Coal in Europe. So Much for All Those Wind Turbines

Tom Revell — Blue and Green Tomorrow — August 30, 2014 The construction of a new wave of coal plants designed to burn Europe’s reserves of lignite could scupper the EU’s efforts to curb climate change, campaigners have warned. In a new analysis, researchers from Greenpeace say the expansion of lignite mining could add 118 million […]

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Germany has a $412 Billion Renewable Energy Money Pit Lesson For Ontario

Germany, the model for Ontario’s wind and solar developments, now regrets its spending spree Brady Yauch — Financial Post — August 12, 2014 Germany – the country on which Ontario modelled its approach to renewable energy development – has a $412-billion lesson for Ontario. That’s the amount the country has spent on subsidies in support […]

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Germany’s Habitually AWOL Green Energy…Installed Wind/Solar Often Delivers Less Than 1% Of Rated Capacity!

From No Tricks Zone — July 21, 2014 By P Gosselin on 21. Juli 2014 Germany today likes to boast a total of 36,000 megawatts of installed photovoltaic capacity and over 30,000 MW capacity of wind power. Theoretically at noon on a sunny, windy day Germany could cover almost all of its electric power demand, […]

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Germans Outraged Over the Destruction of their Forests, Burn Turbine in Effigy

The description accompanying this video states that in spite of receiving 15,000 objections from it’s citizens regarding the destruction of the Reinhard Forest and the upper Weser Uplands, with up to 150 steel giants, the regional council is forging ahead with their approval of the plan. This gigantic industrial facility will be built in the […]

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Germany’s Green Dreams Meet Harsh Reality

Tip o’ the hat to  “Not a Lot of People Know That” for the article. David Shukman — BBC Science Editor — April 11, 2014 A vision for a greener future for the world seems very distant if you descend into the heart of one of Germany’s largest coal mines. While researchers and officials are in […]

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