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Déjà Vu: The UK Has Literally Run Out Of Money To Spend On Green Energy

Michael Bastasch — Daily Caller — July 16, 2015 First, investors were worried that Germany would not be able to finance the “greening” of its electrical grid, and now there are worries the U.K. is taking on too much debt to finance its own green-energy revolution. The U.K. Independent reports the government is “facing a […]

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Britain Facing Serious Blackouts Next Winter Due to Instability Caused by Wind Power

Emily Gosden — The Telegraph — July 17, 2015 Britain could face blackouts if the wind doesn’t blow in winter 2016-17, unless emergency measures are brought in to bolster electricity supplies, official analysis suggests. Output from Britain’s power plants would not be enough to meet peak demand if there was “low wind” – meaning the […]

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UK: Green Energy Subsidies Spiralling Out Of Control

Tim Ross, Senior Political Correspondent — The Telegraph — July 4, 2015 Customers face paying £1.5billion more through their bills to subsidise wind farms, solar panels and biomas plants The cost of subsidising new wind farms is spiralling out of control, government sources have privately warned. Officials admitted that so-called “green” energy schemes will require […]

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Five reasons why it is folly to adopt wind power as an energy source

Tip o’ the hat to Sherri Lange of NAPAW for this article. Irish Examiner — January 23, 2015 While the arguments for wind power seem straightforward and compelling, Wind power would reduce our dependency on foreign oil, wind power is clean and would allow for the shut down of dirty fossil fuel fired power plants. […]

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Ireland: Opposition to Wind Turbines Grows

Tip o’ the hat to Ardglass Wind Turbine Action Awareness Group for this find. Councillors under pressure as opposition to wind farm grows Catherine Ketch — Irish Examiner — January 30, 2015 Cork’s county councillors came under pressure at a public meeting on Tuesday night concerning a wind farm between Tarelton and Coppeen. More than […]

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Scotland: Gagging on Wind Power

From Energy Matters: – January 2015 I last looked into the details and consequences of Scottish energy policy in the pre-referendum post Scotch on the ROCs. The expansion of Scottish renewables is progressing at breakneck speed and the purpose of this post is to update on where we are and where we are heading whether anyone […]

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UK: PM David Cameron Says That People Are ‘Fed Up” With Wind Turbines — Enough is Enough

BBC News — December 16, 2014 People are “fed up” with onshore wind farms being built, and “enough is enough”, David Cameron has said. The Conservatives say they would not subsidise new onshore turbines if they win the general election. The prime minister also criticised the “religiosity” of fracking critics, saying he would be happy […]

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UK: Noisy wind farms face ban as ministers launch review into ‘annoying’ sound levels

(While this article MAY sound encouraging, it’s the comments UNDER the article which are enlightening.  For the first time ever, I’m posting the comments to the article as well, because it seems like the British are no more convinced by these ‘studies’ than anyone else around the world is. — DQ)   Emily Gosden, Energy […]

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Wind Industry Lies Continue to Be Exposed

Christopher Booker — Daily Mail — November 23, 2014 On November 7, Guardian readers were excited by a huge two-page advertisement from the wind farm company Ecotricity, hailing what it described as “a historic event”. This, it explained, was on Sunday October 19, following the Didcot power station fire, when several other major power plants […]

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The Insanity is Not Confined to Ontario as the UK pays Wind Companies a Record £43 million to Switch Off Turbines

Wind farms have been paid a record £43 million to switch off turbines so far this year Emily Gosden — The Telegraph — November 9, 2014 Wind farms have been paid a record £43 million to switch off turbines so far this year, after Britain’s electricity network was unable to cope with the power they produced. The […]

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UK: A Green Mess

Andrew Stuttaford — National Review — October 18, 2014 With the right of the Tory party mutinous, and clear signs that the Conservatives’ support in their rural hinterland is drifting away, the decision by David Cameron to fire environment minister Owen Paterson, a leading figure on the Conservative right who also appeared to “get “ […]

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UK: Government is Ignoring Health Risks Associated with Wind Turbines

Phil Higham, Lanreath Western Morning News — October 15, 2014 Phil Goodwin’s article “Living near wind turbines may be risk to hearing” (of October 6) refers to a small but convincing study by scientists from Munich University published by the Royal Society. He reports: “The study found that the physical composition of the inner ear […]

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UK Environment Minister: “Green” Policies Do Far More Harm than Global Warming

Michael Bastasch — Daily Caller (UK) — September 29, 2014 Former United Kingdom environment secretary Owen Paterson launched an attack against the “wicked green blob,” saying policies to stop global warming might do more harm than good. “There has not been a temperature increase now for probably 18 years, some people say 26 years,” Paterson […]

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Ireland: ‘Shocking’ health implications, claim wind farm protesters

(Note: To our Irish followers — if you know what this 8 page document is and how to get a copy of it, please let us know.  Leave a comment below this article.  Thanks. — DQ) Dolan Nolan — The Independent — August 20, 2014 HUNDREDS in the Finuge area are this week reading a […]

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UK: Wind farms Paid Record Sums Not to Produce Electricity

Windy weather and low demand for electricity led to wind farm owners being paid a record amount to switch off turbines on Monday Edward Malnick — The Telegraph — August 12, 2014 Wind farms were paid a record sum of almost £3 million in a single day this week not to produce electricity. Strong winds […]

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