The Moon is the ruler of Chiron, and it is also a very busy planet these days. It has been so for quite some time now, and that’s because we are just starting to feel the effects of a lunar eclipse which began on August 13th. This eclipse will last until September 12th, when the Moon will be at its closest approach to Earth. 

When I say “we”, I’m talking about astrologers who use the natal chart method to interpret the meaning of events in our lives. That means you, dear reader! You can see how your life has changed since this eclipse began, and how it will continue to change as it progresses through its natural cycle. If you haven’t already done so, find out what the significance of this new configuration may be for you by reading my article on the new moon in Aquarius. 

What Does A Lunar Eclipse Mean For Astrologers? 

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, thereby blocking the light of the Sun from reaching us. Since the Earth orbits around the Sun, the result is a total solar eclipse. However, because the Moon orbits the Earth, there’s no such thing as a lunar eclipse. Instead, as the Moon moves towards the Sun, the Earth gets closer to it, and the Moon becomes progressively darker, like a darkening cloud. 

As the Moon reaches its maximum distance from Earth (when it is furthest away from the Sun), it will become a crescent Moon, and then a darkling Moon. Then, as the Moon gets closer to Earth yet again, it will gradually brighten. Finally, when it comes to full moon alignment, the Moon will shine brightly once more. So far, so good. 

If you are an astrologer using the transits method, however, things get complicated. Because the Moon is moving on its own orbit around the Earth, and not orbiting the Sun, it never crosses into the shadow of the Earth. As a result, we don’t have any eclipses. Instead, the Moon simply moves within the area of darkness cast by our planet. 

Because eclipses always occur during a new or full Moon phase, they are important landmarks in terms of the passage of time. In the West, they were traditionally seen as a bad omen for crops and livestock, but other cultures saw something else in them. To the Egyptians, for example, eclipses represented the transition from one season to another. The Greeks associated eclipses with the underworld. And the Mayans thought of them as omens of death and destruction. 

However, in the West, eclipses were viewed as harbingers of change – of growth and progress. They were seen as the harbinger of the new age, when all the old rules would finally come to an end. In short, they were seen as times of rebirth. 

If the Chiron in Astrology is a good option then this will increase the life of the people. If the person will go parallel to the astrology then the chances of the errors will reduce, he can have the enjoyment in the life for the longer period. If the side effect of the stars will start then they can take adverse turn.

Chiron in Scorpio: The Wound Of Control 

This was certainly true of Chiron, the sign that rules the Moon. The Greek name for Chiron is “kheiron” (or “khairon”) – and if you look up that word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, you’ll find that it means “iron”. 

It might seem odd that the sign of iron should rule the sign of the Moon, but if you’ve ever tried to make sense of a new Moon in Aquarius, you’ll understand why. Here we’re dealing with a sign that represents the past, present and future at the same time. In fact, Chiron represents the past, present and future simultaneously – and it does so through the power of control. 

The image above illustrates the relationship between the signs. Note the way that the planets Mars and Saturn orbit Chiron. These two planets represent the power of control, and their movement through the zodiac suggests that they are passing through Chiron, and thus gaining mastery over it. 

In terms of astrological meanings, Chiron is connected with control in many different ways. It is associated with the element of water, and is therefore a sign of transformation. It is linked to the element of air, which gives it access to the emotions. And it is associated with the element of fire, which helps us to manifest our desires. 

So, as the Moon passes through Chiron, its energies are affected. It gains the ability to control the emotional responses of others, and it learns to control its own reactions to situations. It also begins to learn to express itself more openly. There’s a lot going on inside Chiron right now, and that’s why I chose to focus on it. 

Chiron in Scorpio: The Wounds Of Control 

I mentioned earlier that there’s a wound in Chiron. This wound is caused by the fact that although Chiron represents change and progress, it is also attached to the past. This is symbolized by the fact that it is associated with the element of fire. Thus, Chiron carries the memory of pain and suffering. In fact, it is literally wounded by the emotions that arise within it, and in order to heal that wound, the astrologer must release those emotions through expression. 

That’s true even though the sign of Fire is represented as being associated with the element of air. The reason is that the emotion of anger is actually tied to the element of earth. It is the emotion of anger that causes the wound to open, and this is something that we need to deal with. 

At first, expressing anger seems like a good idea.