Dumplings are in the rave now worldwide. They have been labeled comfort food and are loved by everyone across different classes and cultures. It is being experimented with, and new flavors and varieties are introduced in the culinary markets. Ironically, dumplings are one of the oldest recipes documented and eaten for centuries.

Dumplings are small starch balls filled with meat and vegetable mix and steamed. Packing the fillings in the dumplings and shaping them into small balls, triangles, and crescent moons is a craft in itself. You can make these dumplings and eat them with dips or add them to a broth or a curry and make a wholesome dish. For the convenience of today’s fast-paced world, pre-cooked dumplings were created. All you have to buy them, cook them to your choice and enjoy. Now you can buy delicious and convenient dumplings from Costco.

How can you cook dumplings?

Pre-cooked and frozen dumplings can be cooked and added to various dishes. You can steam, boil, microwave, or pan fry them. And when you deep fry them, they become momos. With so many ways to cook them, let us find some of the recipes to enjoy the tender and juicy dumplings.

Wholesome on its own

Dumplings are a wholesome meal on their own. They are packed with carbs, proteins, and vitamins in small packets. You can add soy, vinegar, and sugar dip and enjoy your dumplings.

Pan sear them for a crispy snack

Pour some oil into a pan, place the dumplings to cook, and get a crisp outer shell. Again, you can eat it with any spicy dip, making it a great snack.


Potstickers are extensions to pan-fried dumplings, with a simple flour batter coated to the pan to create a crispy outer shell to the dumplings. Clean the pan, pour a little oil, and place the dumplings on the pan. Then slowly pour a runny batter of refined flour, salt, and pepper to form a paper-thin, crispy outer shell over the pan around the dumplings.


Dumplings are steam cooked and added to soups and are comfort food any time of the day. You only need a few veggies, a pack of delicious and convenient dumplings from Costco, chicken broth, and a few oriental sauces like oyster sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, etc. Cook the dumplings till translucent, add chicken broth to a pot, and cook the chopped vegetables with salt and pepper. Mix a tablespoon of each sauce with a pinch of sugar, and drizzle the mixture onto the soup bowl. Then add the cooked dumplings to the soup and garnish it with spring onions and cilantro. You can also add noodles or meat to the soup to make it an even better scrumptious meal.

Take Away

A dumpling is a healthy snack. Everyone, you might not have the time to prepare it from scratch. The dough, the filling, and the packing need skills. Therefore, it is okay to take help and buy frozen dumplings. Heat it and enjoy it in whatever way you feel like.