In this era of technology, Robo Advisors are getting enormous popularity among investors throughout the world. There are numerous Robo advisors for you to opt for, however, one of the best Robo Advisors is Syfe. Despite being young in the field it has gained enormous Popularity and an impeccable reputation in the field of investment. This article will provide you with everything there is that you need to know about Syfe. Keep Reading This article to know more about this All-in-one investment platform. 

What is Syfe?

Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Syfe is an advanced digital investment platform. It is creating the next best solution for investors all across Asia. The objective of Syfe is to enhance the way people handle their money and empower them by providing high-quality financial services that are accessible as well as affordable to all. It is an All-in-one Platform that enables the investors to accept simple yet smart investing in order to grow wealth according to their convenience. 

It also offers custom personalized portfolios further encouraging investors to fulfill their financial goals. It requires no minimum investment amounts and it is operational with a low annual fee. It also offers a Syfe referral code to the users which enables them to earn a reward every time the person they referred the code to invest. 

Why Should You Invest with Syfe?

Impressive Investment Approach

The most significant quality of Syfe is that they manage risks over returns. Instead of focusing on returns, they focus more on risk management to offer customized portfolios to the investors based on their risk profile. In simple words, Syfe optimizes your return while keeping an eye on your selected risk level. So, you can get benefitted without incurring any loss over your assets. 

Investment Portfolio created with ETF

ETF or Exchange Traded Funds is an investment vehicle that allows the investors to invest in multiple companies even with a small amount of money. Since the investment portfolios of Syfe are built with an ETF, it enables you to diversify your investments across different sectors, further resulting in high ROI. 

Multiple Investment Portfolio

Syfe offers investors various investment portfolios for the investors to choose from. The investors are empowered to choose any sector or market they are comfortable with. 

Minimum Maintenance fees

As mentioned earlier, Syfe requires minimum Maintenance fees. It usually costs 0.4% to 0.65% per year, which is also depending on your investment amounts which are diversified across all portfolios. It also offers unlimited withdrawals along with unlimited rebalancing. 

How to Start Investing With Syfe?

Before opening an account with Syfe, you are required to make your risk profile. Only through your risk profile, Syfe can get a comprehensive idea of your investment objectives. Once you make the risk profile you are allowed to make your Syfe account. Furthermore, there is no minimum amount required to invest with Syfe. Which enables you to invest according to your comfortability. 

How Does The Syfe Referral Code Works?

The Syfe Referral Code is a code that you will get once you create your account. You can share this code with friends and families, encouraging them to create a Syfe account. Once the person opens their account with your Syfe Referral Code, you will get a certain percentage of rewards in their first investment. 


Syfe is one of the best All-in-one investment platforms. It has been launched recently, which makes it the newest Robo Advisors in Singapore. However, due to its convenience and profitable investment approach, it has gained an impeccable reputation among investors.