Gravity bongs are becoming increasingly popular among marijuana smokers around the world. But what exactly is a gravity bong? A gravity bong is a device that uses air pressure to draw smoke from a bowl of marijuana into a chamber where it can be inhaled. It is an easy and efficient way to get high without using any fire or excess smoke. As with any smoking method, there are pros and cons to using gravity bongs as well as safety tips that should be followed when using them. You can visit for more information on gravity bongs.

What is a gravity bong?

A gravity bong, also known as a “bucket” or “gage,” consists of two containers, usually plastic bottles or buckets, filled with water. One container has a small hole cut into the bottom, while the other has a larger cap or bowl attached to the top. When you light the weed in the upper container and lift it out of the water in the lower one, air pressure forces the smoke down into the lower chamber, where it collects for inhalation.

The advantages of using a gravity bong

There are many advantages to using gravity bongs over other methods of smoking marijuana. For starters, they produce bigger hits than more traditional methods, such as joints or pipes, because they use air pressure rather than combustion to draw the smoke into the chamber. This means more THC per hit, resulting in stronger effects and potentially better highs for users, depending on their tolerance levels.

In addition, because no fire is used to create a gravity bong, there is less risk of burning yourself or anything else nearby, such as carpets or furniture. There’s also less waste as there’s no need to buy paper for rolling joints or replace bowls when they become too charred from overheating after repeated use. Finally, some people find that the design of most gravity bongs makes them easier to transport than other forms of smoking paraphernalia, as they typically fit easily and discreetly into backpack-sized containers.

The disadvantages of using gravity bongs

Although there are several advantages to using gravity bongs over other forms of cannabis consumption, there are also some disadvantages to consider before making this type of purchase. For example, because these devices require large amounts of water to function properly – typically two full bottles – they use more resources than smaller items such as glass pipes, thus slightly increasing your carbon footprint if you use them regularly over time. In addition, depending on how often you use your device, you may need to dispose of used water frequently, adding another layer of complexity when cleaning up after each session (not ideal). Finally – although many users enjoy larger hits from their bucket – because this method requires so much force behind it, inexperienced smokers can sometimes take too big a hit, resulting in coughing fits and negative side effects such as dizziness or nausea afterward, which can quickly ruin the whole experience.

Safety tips when using gravity bongs

Although generally considered safe when used properly, here are some tips we recommend you follow when using your own gravity bong:

– Don’t take big hits right away until you’re familiar with how it works; start slow and gradually increase the size if you wish.

– Make sure your receptacles are clean before filling them with fresh water for each session.

– Use filtered water whenever possible, rather than tap water, for hygiene reasons.

– Be aware of your surroundings – make sure you are not disturbed by pets/children during your session.

– Ensure that all parts are securely attached (including lids/caps) before lighting.

– Place something soft under both containers when setting up outdoors (to protect surfaces from hot sparks)

– Have fans nearby in case smoke builds up quickly indoors (for ventilation purposes).

– Always empty out any remaining liquid after each session so that it doesn’t leave any unpleasant odors in your home/apartment.

Gravity bongs offer an enjoyable way for experienced users to get higher faster without having to worry about burning themselves or others; however, due to their potential potency, even relatively new users should always exercise caution. Following the basic safety guidelines outlined above should help ensure smooth sessions every time!