Apple iPhone is not just a phone but a tool for your living now. People using mobile phones spend around half a day scrolling through their phones. Be it for work or personal work, people are so engaged with looking at their phone screens that it has become an imminent part of their lives. Just like home or car or laptop, your mobile is also a space that represents you. So, if you are also bored with looking at the same digital photos from the Apple libraries, here is the beginner’s guide to changing your Apple wallpaper to a much more personalized form.

Having personalized wallpaper distinguishes your phone from others in the market. It also helps you to relate to your personality through just a wallpaper. Isn’t this interesting how wallpaper can make you stand out from the crowd? Experts believe that our phone wallpaper connects us to our deeper minds. It not only represents our mood but also gives us motivation and helps develop our personality. 

So, here are some quick steps to customize your apple screen into a much more vibrant and enthusiastic visualization.

  • Enter the settings menu on your iPhone by tapping on the icon

The first step of customizing your Apple wallpaper is to go to the settings icon and click it. Upon clicking the settings icon, you will enter the customization tab for your iPhone. Follow the below-mentioned steps to select the theme and other parameters:

  • Click on the theme tab.
  • Tap on the wallpaper icon to enter into the wallpaper customization
  • Tap on the “Choose a new wallpaper” tab for the next step to continue.

There is an option on Apple iPhone right below the new wallpaper tab. Here you can turn on the dark appearance tab. This will dim your wallpaper depending on the ambient light conditions. 

  • Select an image from the defaults or gallery

Now, the power is in your hand to create your wallpaper or select from the ones that Apple has created for its users. You can choose an image from Dynamics, Stills, Live, or even from your gallery.

You can add new photos from the internet as well and store them in your gallery. You can use the same image as your wallpaper by following the above-mentioned steps.

  • Choose display motion and animation to add life to your Apple wallpaper

The best part of creating a customized wallpaper does not only do your Apple iPhone looks different from others. But having the power to create something for yourself using the amazing features that Apple provides to its users.

You can drag the image to fit that into the screen or pinch to zoom fit. You can turn off the perspective zoom that allows the wallpapers to move as you tilt the screen. However, you must know that perspective zoom is unavailable when the lower power mode is on.

You can now click on the “set” button on the bottom right side of the screen to save the settings till now.

  • Set the wallpaper and select where you want to apply it

After you click on the set button, you will be prompted to select the current image as wallpaper for the home screen, lock screen, or both. Set the screen and now your wallpaper is set. 

You can unlock your phone or touch the lock screen to see your latest creation on the Apple iPhone screen.