When people think of cannabis, they often picture the flower. But in today’s society, there are many different ways to consume marijuana, including edibles. 

A lot of companies have created CBD gummy candies and other products that contain cannabidiol (CBD) as their active ingredient. They claim these products can help with a wide range of ailments from anxiety and depression to pain management.

In this article we will discuss how you can use CBD to manage pain. We want to make it clear that no one should use CBD for recreational purposes. It is not safe for children, pregnant women or anyone who has a history of heart problems. You should only buy your products from reputable manufacturers whose products are tested by third-party laboratories. 

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Why Should I Take CBD?

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, you may be wondering whether using CBD will help. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough evidence yet to determine if CBD will reduce pain, but some studies suggest it might work. One study conducted at the University of Sydney showed that mice treated with the drug were more motivated to move when an electric shock was administered. This indicates that CBD could increase motivation and decrease fear.

Another study found that CBD reduces pain responses in rats. The researchers injected CBD into the spinal cord and observed the results. The rats received injections every day for eight days, and after the treatment period, the researchers measured the response to pain in each rat. They found that the rats that had been given CBD showed reduced pain responses compared to those who had not been given any substance.

The research on humans hasn’t shown conclusive results either way. Studies have been done on cancer patients, veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), multiple sclerosis patients and stroke victims. Some studies show positive effects while others don’t.

It is possible that using CBD to treat pain is effective, however, until additional studies are performed, the jury is still out. Until then, we recommend taking CBD for pain relief under a doctor’s supervision. There are plenty of brands available that offer quality products, so make sure you pick a brand you trust before buying.

What Is CBD Used For?

There are countless uses for CBD, one of which is managing pain. It appears to work on nerve endings to provide pain relief. When you take CBD orally, the amount absorbed depends on the form it is taken in. If you chew a CBD gum or eat a CBD capsule, you won’t absorb much. On the other hand, if you swallow a CBD oil, it will enter your bloodstream quickly. So, if you are looking to get relief from pain, you need to take the CBD oil instead of chewing it.

You can also choose to use CBD topically. A topical cream containing CBD can be applied directly to your skin to relieve pain. If you already use over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, you can mix them with CBD to create a stronger painkiller. 

Finally, you can combine CBD with another supplement. Supplements like magnesium and Vitamin D3 can have a positive effect on reducing pain. In fact, combining CBD with these supplements can produce better results than using CBD alone. So, try mixing CBD with other products if you are having trouble finding relief from pain.

How To Choose CBD Products

Choosing a product to alleviate pain is similar to choosing a medication for pain. To start, look for a manufacturer you can trust. Many CBD products are made in China. It is important to know where your product comes from because some Chinese manufacturers do not follow FDA regulations. 

You should also check for ingredients. Look for pure CBD in your product. Avoid products that say “full spectrum” or “hemp extract” as full spectrum is actually a broad category that includes many different compounds. If a product contains THC, you shouldn’t take it anyway because it will cause you to feel high. 

Next, look for a product that doesn’t give off a strong odor. This is especially important if you suffer from allergies or asthma. You don’t want to inhale a strong scent that could trigger an allergic reaction. Finally, look for a product that offers quality customer service.

CBD products come in all shapes and sizes, but some options are better than others. While gummy candies and capsules may seem appealing, they aren’t the best option. Chewing a CBD candy provides you with less CBD per dose than eating a full serving. 

Instead, opt for a CBD oil that you can take orally. These are easy to administer and you can measure how much CBD you are getting. If you prefer to avoid oils, you can also find CBD tablets or gelcaps. 

Some people worry about adding CBD to their diet. However, many people who use CBD to manage pain report that it helps them sleep better. This means you could end up sleeping longer without waking up due to pain.