You spend a lot of time and money to generate hot leads for your law firm, so you need to make sure that you are using an effective email marketing approach when you reach back out to your list. While you may be converting leads at a decent rate, there is always room for improvement. Wouldn’t you like to convert a higher percentage of leads, creating a lower client acquisition cost and generating more revenue for your law firm?

Sometimes coming up with new topics for your email marketing can be difficult, and using the same rehashed information can have a negative impact on your lead funnel. Often times the best topics are right in front of you, and the trick is to know where to look!

In order to help you spark some new creative email marketing angles we have put together a list of ideas to pull email marketing content from.

Legal Industry News

You can take breaking news in the legal field and turn it into an informative email. If something has recently changed or there was a big national case related to your practice area then it gives you a great opportunity to discuss it in your email newsletter. This shows your potential leads that your law firm is up to date on the current happenings and they will also view you as a useful source of information.

If a lead finds your emails both informative and helpful don’t you think that is going to help when it comes time for them to hire a law firm to represent them? Not only can you use breaking news as blog topics, but it gives you a reason to reach out to your email subscriber list as well. When you are emailing them with current event news it comes off an as informal email and not just a marketing email soliciting the lead to hire your firm. It gives you the opportunity to soft sell them much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions From Clients

There is a good chance that you have heard the same questions over and over from your clients. “What can I do in this situation?” or “Do I have a case?” and common questions are great content for your email marketing. If you are receiving the same questions over and over then there is a very good possibility that several of your email subscribers also have the same questions.

If your email list has questions and you send out a newsletter that addresses those questions and provides answers to their questions before they ask don’t you think that will increase the odds of them hiring your law firm? It is going to help position your firm as knowledgeable, making them more comfortable when it comes time to inquire about retaining your services.

Take Topics From LinkedIn Groups

Are you on LinkedIn? If not then you are missing a great networking tool, not to mention that your potential clients are probably looking for your profile on LinkedIn before they contact you. LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to create content, which is also helpful for building your brand authority. Mentioning that you are an influential LinkedIn contributor on your website can help increase your conversion rates.

LinkedIn groups are also a great way to source topics for your email marketing. You can quickly look at legal groups and see what everyone is discussing. When you come in contact with some interesting discussions it can help you think of some interesting topics to cover in your email marketing. Your own communication and participation in LinkedIn groups can also spark some ideas for your email marketing topics as well, so spend some time engaging with the LinkedIn community.

Client Success Stories

What is the main purpose of your email marketing? Why are you gathering email addresses of prospective clients and then sending them emails? To get them to hire your law firm!

Highlighting client success stories in your email marketing newsletter is a great way to help build trust with your potential future clients. If they are constantly reading positive success stories about how your firm won cases don’t you think that it will help turn more of those prospects into actual clients?

You don’t have to talk about how great your firm is, because the success stories, when told truthfully, will do that for you. There are so many law firms that will simply say, “We are the best – hire us now!” without giving the consumer any real reason to hire them. Showcasing your success stories help to show your leads that you can really deliver the results that they are looking for.

This is the same reason that we include case studies on our website. There are plenty of SEO companies that will tell you that they can get your website ranked high in the search results, but we take it one step more. We actually show you what we can do! Use this same approach to your benefit.

Blog Comments

Your blog should have the comment section enabled. It allows your readers to comment and engage with your company. Are you reading them often? Do you respond to your blog comments?

The questions that people ask in your blog comments can provide some great inspiration for email marketing topics. When you post thought provoking blog content it can trigger some great comment responses. That is the goal of a blog – you want people to engage with your content, share it on social media, and comment on it. If you want to really spark conversation on your blog pasts end each post with a question designed to cause interaction. A simple “What are your thoughts?” ending can cause a flood of engagement and comments for you to pull some golden ideas from.

Best Performing Blog Content

The blog posts that have received the most visitors and social shares are great topics to discuss in your email marketing. So, the first thing you are going to want to do is open your Google Analytics account and click on “Behavior” and then “Site Content,” followed by “All Pages.”

This will display a list of all your website pages according to the number of visits each page received.

This allows you to easily pick out the most popular blog posts that you have published. More traffic means that more people found that topic to be interesting, so there is a good chance your email subscribers will want to engage with it as well. You don’t have to rewrite the post and include all of the information in your email. A simple summary of a few sentences and a link to the original blog post is all you need.

This provides your leads with a useful topic and it also helps to get them back to your website! When you continue to drive your leads back to your website via email marketing it increases the chance that they pick up the phone and call your firm about possible representation.

Frequently Asked Questions From Prospects

Your employees that answer the phones at your law firm are a great source of frequently asked questions. Simply sit down with each employee and ask them to give you the top three questions that potential clients ask when the call the firm.

This method will usually turn up some great topics to address in your email marketing. Again, this approach comes across as being helpful information and not just a “hire our law firm” email. Consumers are becoming immune to pushy advertising, and using the helpful approach allows you to communicate with your prospects without being too pushy.

Popular Articles on Authority Websites

It is important to remember that your email marketing does not serve just one purpose – because in order to convert your prospects into clients you need to build trust and create that relationship. Overly promotional emails are going to end up turning some of your audience away, so it is important to mix in some general information that isn’t directly related to your law firm.

Read the top authority websites daily and scan them for information related to law. You can often find interesting stories that your email list would enjoy reading. By introducing them to the information it will help to build that level of trust that is required before they hire your firm.

Here is an example of a story that was posted on Forbes last week that would be a great post to link them to. Share useful information and watch the trust level rise!

Call-Tracking Calls

If you are running a PPC campaign or have call-tracking numbers on your landing pages then the calls coming into your firm are being recorded. This is primarily used to review the quality of the leads that are coming from different sources, but you can also use the calls to come up with discussion topics for your email newsletters.

If you aren’t listening to the calls, tell whoever is to note down some interesting questions that were brought up from the phone calls. Sometimes an off the wall questions can be developed into a very interesting email topic. You have the data available to you, so you might as well use it to create some interesting email marketing content. Don’t be like every other law firm that sends out boring emails. Stand out above the rest and offer your subscribers some useful and interesting information.

Follow-Up Consultation Questions

When you are having follow up consultations with your current clients make sure to write down any interesting questions that you are presented with. Often times your clients will ask something that you have to seek an answer for, and these are the kinds of topics that can be both beneficial and interesting for your email recipients.

Too many law firms think that they have to keep their email marketing boring and dull in order to generate leads. This approach isn’t going to work. If someone wants this type of information they will jump on the Internet and access it right away. You need to offer them something interesting or they are going to unsubscribe from your email list. The only reason they should be unsubscribing from your marketing list is because they hired your law firm!

Frequently Asked Questions From Social Media

At the very least, your law firm should be active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. If you are regularly posting updates and sharing your blog content across your social media profiles then there is a good chance you are receiving comments and questions from your social media following. This will often provide you with great content to elaborate on when you send out emails.

You can also post content or share stories and ask your social media audience to provide their feedback. This is a great way to start a discussion, and this can develop into a lot of good content possibilities for your email marketing.

The people that are following you and engaging with your firm on social media are not doing it because they are bored. They are doing it because they are interested in what you have to offer. Their input and questions is prime content to touch on in your email marketing.

Questions From Your Email Subscribers

So, you want to present your email subscribers with content that is going to appeal to them, right? Well, ask them what questions they have and answer them, Q&A style. This not only gives you great topics to discuss, but it also makes your subscribers open all of your emails because they are anticipating hearing your response to not only their questions, but to the other questions asked as well.

Send out an email to your list that announces a special Q&A format. Don’t set your schedule in stone, because if you mention that your Q&A email responses will always be the first week of the month it will give them a reason to skip the other emails you send. Keep them on their toes by not announcing when you will answer the questions.

Ask them to respond with their questions, and set a cut off date for submissions. This creates a sense of