You intend to send your demos to your preferred major labels, then. However, perhaps you’ve tried a couple texts or DMs without success. You feel depressed because you receive no feedback. Let’s change that. Based on my ten years of songwriting and distributing demos, now is my advice for delivering mockup that have the best possibility of being read + attended to. A deliverable product is wonderful music. In this business, you won’t make it. Releasing their music to labels too soon is one of the biggest failures I see budding companies make. Some music producers won’t sign  if you’ve been delivering for seven months (and if you’re a god above men). How to submit music to a&r? Send here.

Technology advancements have had a significant impact on this area, as they have on most elements of such music business. Artists have long embraced the strategy of music submission. Behaviour is associated used to be made on cassette or CD and distributed to promoters and DJs, but these days it is more apt to be a USB drive, and in most times there isn’t even a physical submission—everything is done online. The procedures for contributing your music had modified, and with it have come new guidelines and conventions. This post will outline the process of submitting your music as well as some of the ideal venues.

People frequently point the finger at their songs, the industry, or another factor when they are rejected. They’ve actually selected a label that still doesn’t match their sound, though. A hard trap record won’t be signed by Majestic Casual. Your next popular lo-fi beat won’t be signed by Trap Nation. Your record of unusual ambient soundscapes won’t be signed by Mca. However, the content versus abundance strategy truly shines. As your “pool,” select a modest number of labels—no upwards of 25—in a range of sizes.

Fluence, Planer (affiliate), and SubmitHub are all solid options for submitting your tune to a content creator via influencer advertising methods. Although there is no assurance that they will publish a piece about you or your music, these techniques will help get your record discovered. The alternative is to manually submit an inquiry form on the blog you want on. If you have a huge list of publications you wish to be listed in, this can take too much time. Additionally, put in mind that other owners receive a lot of messages but may not review yours; even when they do, you would still choose not to play your tune.

Whether it’s on Video, Instagram, Soundcloud, or all three, include explicit links to your music’s social media profiles and tracks. Sending a link is preferable to overwhelming someone with large files or forcing them to download something. But make sure the link is operational again and again. A brief biography about you and the music will probably be required. Continue to keep it succinct, to the point, and engaging enough to hold their interest. Not an essay, please. That anybody with a hectic schedule will stop reading your application if it is a wall of content.