You’ve probably heard of Words With Friends cheat, the popular mobile app for card-based word games. It has been downloaded a few million times and is a favorite among many players worldwide.

But did you know that you can actually win words with your real life friends as well? Yes! You can use the same strategies on Words With Friends that you use when playing with strangers online, but you need to make sure that they are aware that you’re using them. Here are four ways to do just that.

1. Play at Home

If you don’t want to bring your phone along to the coffee shop or bar where you meet up with your friends, you can always play Words with Friends at home instead. Most people are already familiar with Words With Friends because it is one of the most common apps in the App Store or Google Play Store, so this should be easy for you to pull off without much trouble.

The best thing about playing at home is that no one else will ever know what you’re doing, which means there is less pressure to perform. If you’re new to Words With Friends, then you might feel some pressure from those who know the game better than you do, but if you have already played before, then you’ll only need to worry about yourself.

2. Use Your Smartphone’s GPS Features

If you’ve never used your smartphone’s GPS features before, then you’re not alone – even many experts struggle to use them properly. But once you get the hang of things, you may find that they come in handy when it comes to winning Words With Friends.

Using your smartphone’s GPS allows you to input the address of your friend’s house or café, and then it will show you a map with directions that lead to their location. The problem for many people is that the GPS doesn’t work very well indoors, especially if you’re inside an office building or restaurant with several rooms. In these cases, you’ll want to try finding your way using landmarks instead.

Where Are We Going?

When you’re trying to figure out how to get to your friend’s place, you need to think about two different issues. One is getting there, and the other is getting to know where you’re going. This post will go into more detail about both of these topics, but here are the basics. First, let’s look at how to get to your friend’s house.

Find the shortest route to your destination by looking at your phone’s maps. To do this, tap on the Maps button and then swipe down to see the options (you can also search for “maps” on the search box).

Tap Directions to see all of the roads that you could take.

When you get close to your destination, you’ll see a blue arrow pointing towards your friend’s house. Tap this to see the exact steps that you need to follow.

After following the instructions, you’ll arrive at your friend’s house. Congratulations!

What Should I Say?

Now, let’s move on to the second part of our discussion – deciding what you should say while you’re walking towards your friend’s house. Before we start, though, it’s important to note that you don’t need to tell your friend exactly where you’re going. Instead, you can just ask them where they live, or if they would be able to pick you up somewhere nearby.

If you’re meeting up with someone at their house, you can simply walk up to the front door. Just knock on the door and wait a moment until your friend answers.

If you’re meeting up with your friend at a public place like a café or bar, you’ll need to follow the same process, except instead of knocking on the door, you’ll need to say hello first. Once they say hello back, you can walk over to them and say the greeting again.

3. Make Sure That They Know How to Find You

Most people who play Words With Friends will keep their phones in their pockets or purses, so it’s often difficult for them to locate the device. However, there are some simple tricks that you can use to help them.

First, make sure that you’re wearing something bright, like a colorful t-shirt or shorts. If anyone sees you, then they’ll be able to spot you easily, which means they won’t have to waste time asking around to see if you’re still there. Second, place your phone near your wallet or purse so that everyone knows to check there instead of searching through your bag.

Finally, you can leave your phone around the house so that everyone can easily find it if they need to. This makes it easier for you as well since it’s much simpler to look for your phone than it is to hunt through other items in your bag.

4. Don’t Get Overly Competitive

One of the most common ways that people lose at Words With Friends is by being too competitive. While it’s true that a good performance requires some level of competitiveness, you don’t need to push your luck too hard. After all, you’re not competing against the computer, so you don’t need to act like it.

Instead, focus on making your moves quickly, and don’t spend too long thinking about each word. This will allow you to play more aggressively, and you’ll be able to win more matches.