How-To Come Up With Engaging Email Marketing Topics

You spend a lot of time and money to generate hot leads for your law firm, so you need to make sure that you are using an effective email marketing approach when you reach back out to your list. While you may be converting leads at a decent rate, there is always room for improvement. Wouldn’t you like to convert a higher percentage of leads, creating a lower client acquisition cost and generating more revenue for your law firm?

Sometimes coming up with new topics for your email marketing can be difficult, and using the same rehashed information can have a negative impact on your lead funnel. Often times the best topics are right in front of you, and the trick is to know where to look!

In order to help you spark some new creative email marketing angles we have put together a list of ideas to pull email marketing content from.

Legal Industry News

You can take breaking news in the legal field and turn it into an informative email. If something has recently changed or there was a big national case related to your practice area then it gives you a great opportunity to discuss it in your email newsletter. This shows your potential leads that your law firm is up to date on the current happenings and they will also view you as a useful source of information.

If a lead finds your emails both informative and helpful don’t you think that is going to help when it comes time for them to hire a law firm to represent them? Not only can you use breaking news as blog topics, but it gives you a reason to reach out to your email subscriber list as well. When you are emailing them with current event news it comes off an as informal email and not just a marketing email soliciting the lead to hire your firm. It gives you the opportunity to soft sell them much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions From Clients

There is a good chance that you have heard the same questions over and over from your clients. “What can I do in this situation?” or “Do I have a case?” and common questions are great content for your email marketing. If you are receiving the same questions over and over then there is a very good possibility that several of your email subscribers also have the same questions.

If your email list has questions and you send out a newsletter that addresses those questions and provides answers to their questions before they ask don’t you think that will increase the odds of them hiring your law firm? It is going to help position your firm as knowledgeable, making them more comfortable when it comes time to inquire about retaining your services.

Take Topics From LinkedIn Groups

Are you on LinkedIn? If not then you are missing a great networking tool, not to mention that your potential clients are probably looking for your profile on LinkedIn before they contact you. LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to create content, which is also helpful for building your brand authority. Mentioning that you are an influential LinkedIn contributor on your website can help increase your conversion rates.

LinkedIn groups are also a great way to source topics for your email marketing. You can quickly look at legal groups and see what everyone is discussing. When you come in contact with some interesting discussions it can help you think of some interesting topics to cover in your email marketing. Your own communication and participation in LinkedIn groups can also spark some ideas for your email marketing topics as well, so spend some time engaging with the LinkedIn community.

Client Success Stories

What is the main purpose of your email marketing? Why are you gathering email addresses of prospective clients and then sending them emails? To get them to hire your law firm!

Highlighting client success stories in your email marketing newsletter is a great way to help build trust with your potential future clients. If they are constantly reading positive success stories about how your firm won cases don’t you think that it will help turn more of those prospects into actual clients?

You don’t have to talk about how great your firm is, because the success stories, when told truthfully, will do that for you. There are so many law firms that will simply say, “We are the best – hire us now!” without giving the consumer any real reason to hire them. Showcasing your success stories help to show your leads that you can really deliver the results that they are looking for.

This is the same reason that we include case studies on our website. There are plenty of SEO companies that will tell you that they can get your website ranked high in the search results, but we take it one step more. We actually show you what we can do! Use this same approach to your benefit.

Blog Comments

Your blog should have the comment section enabled. It allows your readers to comment and engage with your company. Are you reading them often? Do you respond to your blog comments?

The questions that people ask in your blog comments can provide some great inspiration for email marketing topics. When you post thought provoking blog content it can trigger some great comment responses. That is the goal of a blog – you want people to engage with your content, share it on social media, and comment on it. If you want to really spark conversation on your blog pasts end each post with a question designed to cause interaction. A simple “What are your thoughts?” ending can cause a flood of engagement and comments for you to pull some golden ideas from.

Best Performing Blog Content

The blog posts that have received the most visitors and social shares are great topics to discuss in your email marketing. So, the first thing you are going to want to do is open your Google Analytics account and click on “Behavior” and then “Site Content,” followed by “All Pages.”

This will display a list of all your website pages according to the number of visits each page received.

This allows you to easily pick out the most popular blog posts that you have published. More traffic means that more people found that topic to be interesting, so there is a good chance your email subscribers will want to engage with it as well. You don’t have to rewrite the post and include all of the information in your email. A simple summary of a few sentences and a link to the original blog post is all you need.

This provides your leads with a useful topic and it also helps to get them back to your website! When you continue to drive your leads back to your website via email marketing it increases the chance that they pick up the phone and call your firm about possible representation.

Frequently Asked Questions From Prospects

Your employees that answer the phones at your law firm are a great source of frequently asked questions. Simply sit down with each employee and ask them to give you the top three questions that potential clients ask when the call the firm.

This method will usually turn up some great topics to address in your email marketing. Again, this approach comes across as being helpful information and not just a “hire our law firm” email. Consumers are becoming immune to pushy advertising, and using the helpful approach allows you to communicate with your prospects without being too pushy.

Popular Articles on Authority Websites

It is important to remember that your email marketing does not serve just one purpose – because in order to convert your prospects into clients you need to build trust and create that relationship. Overly promotional emails are going to end up turning some of your audience away, so it is important to mix in some general information that isn’t directly related to your law firm.

Read the top authority websites daily and scan them for information related to law. You can often find interesting stories that your email list would enjoy reading. By introducing them to the information it will help to build that level of trust that is required before they hire your firm.

Here is an example of a story that was posted on Forbes last week that would be a great post to link them to. Share useful information and watch the trust level rise!

Call-Tracking Calls

If you are running a PPC campaign or have call-tracking numbers on your landing pages then the calls coming into your firm are being recorded. This is primarily used to review the quality of the leads that are coming from different sources, but you can also use the calls to come up with discussion topics for your email newsletters.

If you aren’t listening to the calls, tell whoever is to note down some interesting questions that were brought up from the phone calls. Sometimes an off the wall questions can be developed into a very interesting email topic. You have the data available to you, so you might as well use it to create some interesting email marketing content. Don’t be like every other law firm that sends out boring emails. Stand out above the rest and offer your subscribers some useful and interesting information.

Follow-Up Consultation Questions

When you are having follow up consultations with your current clients make sure to write down any interesting questions that you are presented with. Often times your clients will ask something that you have to seek an answer for, and these are the kinds of topics that can be both beneficial and interesting for your email recipients.

Too many law firms think that they have to keep their email marketing boring and dull in order to generate leads. This approach isn’t going to work. If someone wants this type of information they will jump on the Internet and access it right away. You need to offer them something interesting or they are going to unsubscribe from your email list. The only reason they should be unsubscribing from your marketing list is because they hired your law firm!

Frequently Asked Questions From Social Media

At the very least, your law firm should be active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. If you are regularly posting updates and sharing your blog content across your social media profiles then there is a good chance you are receiving comments and questions from your social media following. This will often provide you with great content to elaborate on when you send out emails.

You can also post content or share stories and ask your social media audience to provide their feedback. This is a great way to start a discussion, and this can develop into a lot of good content possibilities for your email marketing.

The people that are following you and engaging with your firm on social media are not doing it because they are bored. They are doing it because they are interested in what you have to offer. Their input and questions is prime content to touch on in your email marketing.

Questions From Your Email Subscribers

So, you want to present your email subscribers with content that is going to appeal to them, right? Well, ask them what questions they have and answer them, Q&A style. This not only gives you great topics to discuss, but it also makes your subscribers open all of your emails because they are anticipating hearing your response to not only their questions, but to the other questions asked as well.

Send out an email to your list that announces a special Q&A format. Don’t set your schedule in stone, because if you mention that your Q&A email responses will always be the first week of the month it will give them a reason to skip the other emails you send. Keep them on their toes by not announcing when you will answer the questions.

Ask them to respond with their questions, and set a cut off date for submissions. This creates a sense of

All About Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers are a branch of a lawyer’s jobs. Lawyers do not necessaritily take care of every type of case that people have to face in a court. Just like there are a lot of types of law case, there are also different types of lawyer taking care of their client’s cases. This one, criminal lawyer, is just like the name suggests. Criminal lawyer specializes in taking care of their client’s right in criminal cases. It can be considered as the hardest division in all law cases. Let us see deeper into a criminal lawyer’s job.

Job Description

Being a criminal lawyer, he/she is siding with a defendant against a charged put on the defendant for his/her doing. It is a hard job both mentally and physically. The main job of criminal lawyers is of course finding laws and proofs to help their clients in the court so that the charges put on them could be reduced (if not lifted off).

Working with a suspect means that the police have already had witness and proof that are not in the benefit of the suspected criminal. For the lawyer, that means he/ she takes a side with the losing side from the start. There are several cases though, where the suspect is actually innocent. In those cases, though it is hard, the lawyer could help his/ her client in proofing the suspect’s innocence in the case.

Being the target, roughly speaking, the job description of criminal lawyers is as follow:

Taking a deep understanding on the case they handle. This includes investigating the case and getting input from witnesses’ testimony.

Preparing for crime codes and laws to defend the client. This is done by a long research on past law cases, crime codes, status, and procedural law. The useful one would be taken and used as weapon or shield to proof his/ her client’s innocence or reducing the charges put on him/ her.

Criminal lawyers also have to build a good defense and make a case strategy by brainstorming a simulation of how the court would go and how they will counter every suspicion launched to the suspect.

The lawyers also have to have an ability to negotiate with the prosecutor to lessen the charges. And it has to be backed up by logic and reason, properly taken from the current law and crime codes.

And of course, the lawyers have to defend their client, a criminal, in court.

That is just a small part of the job description of a lawyer. There are other paper works that have to be done with pressing deadlines. Criminal lawyers also have to have the heart to side with the losing from the start.

The Must-Have Skills

Having that many jobs have to be done by a lawyer, what are the must-have skills for criminal defence lawyers? First one is of course a good memory. It is very important to remember at least the content of existing laws and criminal codes so that he/ she could look more into a benefiting codes for his/ her client. Next is problem solving skill to find the crack in the country law that would put on his/ her client to the benefit side. A lawyer needs to be sly and opportunist too. He/ she should be able to take chances even the smallest of it. The next one is negotiating skill. It is very important for a lawyer to have his/ her way with words. Those are several skills of criminal lawyers.

Domestic Violence And Domestic Battery

Domestic violence and domestic battery are emotionally charged issues. If you or someone you care about has been a victim of domestic violence and/or domestic battery, it is essential that you seek guidance from a compassionate Cook County attorney who can guide you through this process. At O’Donnell & Associates, Ltd., we have the experience and empathy you need to move through this difficult time and get on with your life.

Domestic Violence Overview

Domestic violence, also referred to as intimate partner violence, takes place when an individual causes emotional, psychological, or physical harm to their current or former intimate partner. While some people may fear that there is a stigma attached to reporting domestic violence, they should never let this fear get in the way of seeking help. In reality, domestic violence is a problem that crosses all boundaries; unfortunately, it occurs in all socioeconomic groups, cultural groups, and in same-sex relationships as well as heterosexual ones regardless of education level.

Relevant Legislation

The Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 as well as recent Supreme Court rulings in the state of Illinois ensure that victims of domestic violence will be protected by the police and that the perpetrators of the abuse can be brought to justice. The Illinois Elder Abuse and Neglect Act protects the anonymity of reporters of domestic violence, allowing you to speak up if you see violence between others without fearing repercussions.

O’Donnell & Associates Can Help

If you are the victim of domestic abuse or someone you love has been abused, you should first seek help from the police or other authority to ensure the safety of the person abused. Once you are safe and out of the dangerous situation, it is in your best interest to seek guidance from an experienced and local Cook County family law and domestic abuse lawyer. We know the family legal system and can help you protect yourself both immediately, possibly through a protective order, and in the long term if you choose to seek divorce or make other arrangements later.

At O’Donnell & Associates, Ltd., we take pride in the reputation we have built over the past 35 years. We have not only the knowledge and experience you need at this time, but the compassion and commitment to our clients that will make this process as calm and smooth as possible. You can be confident that you will work with an actual attorney, not a secretary or paralegal, and that your concerns and questions will be addressed promptly.

We provide quality legal representation to domestic violence and domestic battery clients in DuPage, Kane, McHenry, Lake, and Cook Counties including the areas of Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights, Elgin, Barrington, Des Plaines, Hoffman Estates, Mount Prospect, Chicago, Woodstock, McHenry, Geneva, Carpentersville, Waukegan and Wheaton. Contact us today to schedule a consultation; night and weekend appointments are available.

Sugars in the things you eat and drink are converted to acid

The latest weapon in our battle against tooth loss is low tech and, up to now, free from the tap. It could be one of the missing links as to why some people get more decay and/or more tooth wear than others.


Sugars in the things you eat and drink are converted to acid by the bacteria in your mouth. This acid attacks the matrix of the tooth causing it to soften, making it vulnerable to sensitivity, decay and wear.

The acidic environment in your mouth is counteracted (buffered) by bicarbonate found only in the higher flow rates of saliva. To achieve these rates of flow we need to drink at least 1 ½ litres of plain water a day. This is in addition to your usual tea, coffee, cordial, juice or soft drink. Common soft drinks (including diet versions!) are already acidic and also need buffering.

Your teeth will be able to better withstand assaults from sugars and acids if your saliva/buffer defenses are in place

Dreaming not drowning

Saliva flow naturally slows down overnight; this saves you from drowning yourself or soaking the pillow in drool. The best way to restart the salivary flow in the morning is to first prime the pump with a glass of plain water, and then stimulate the salivary glands with some fruit or fruit juice.

Your body will also love you for the extra water, not least the extra exercise from going to the toilet more often.


There are currently at least 5000 prescription drugs that decrease saliva flow, not usually enough for you to notice, but enough to make a big difference in the ability of your mouth to deal with acid attacks

Sports dehydration

Your athletic performance is impeded if you are dehydrated. Thirst means your body is already crying out for water – try proper hydration before your sport. 1 litre 1 hour prior to the game has been proven to give better performance than drinking sports drinks throughout. Those of you performing at the “elite” level probably need both but the rest of us at the “making an effort” level have no need for electrolyte/sugar replacements.

Dental Care At Home

Can Improve Your Trip To Keswick Dental, Richmond Hill Dentists, or Mississauga Dentist Anyone who only has their government health plan only gets to visit the dentist once per year. Even those people who are willing to pay the extra or who have supplemental private coverage only visit every six months. A lot can happen to your teeth and gums in between visits to Keswick Dental, so you can’t expect your dentist to take sole responsibility for your oral health. You must make a commitment to dental care at home if you want to make sure you stay healthy. Here are some tips to tide you over until your next appointment.

Brush Regularly

Brushing your teeth after every meal and before bedtime with a good quality toothpaste is the best thing you can do to maintain your oral health at home. Even when you’re out of the house working for Richmond Hill dentists, bring a travel toothbrush and some toothpaste in your bag. Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes, being careful not to press too hard and to get the area around your gumline. The best toothpastes to use are long lasting multi-function types such as Colgate Total or Crest Complete.

Floss Daily

Many people think that flossing is optional, but we assure you, your Mississauga dentist can tell when you’re not flossing. Your brush cannot reach between teeth, so plaque and tartar will build up, causing a yellowing and putting you at risk for cavities and gingivitis. Simply forcing a piece of waxed string between each tooth before bed will get rid of the problem. It will also get rid of any annoying stuck food. Make sure that if you have crowns or braces you use threaders or superfloss to get in underneath them.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash doesn’t just make your breath smell minty fresh. It also kills the germs that can cause dental diseases. Simply swishing a capful of one of the many mouthwash brands in your mouth for 20-30 seconds after brushing will help your teeth stay protected as you go out to look at that house for sale in Plano. You can also get pocket sprays and strips to clean your mouth and improve your breath on the go. Mouthwashes come in a variety of flavors, from orange to peppermint.

Diet and Vanity

Taking care of your teeth also means being careful what you put into your mouth. You may think it’s a good idea to whiten your teeth until they shine like a package of disposable diapers, but excessive tooth bleaching weakens tooth enamel. Eating foods that are sweet, sticky, and acidic, such as orange juice, candy, and toffee can also damage your oral health by promoting cavity formation, pulling out existing fillings, and weakening tooth enamel.

If you’re interested in dental care at home, you might also be interested in our article titled “Find Perfect Gifts for Richmond Hill Dentists, or Anyone!”. Dentist Edmonton South

Inifinity Dental has 5 locations including a lab to serve you in Edmonton. Canadian International Trade Tribunal

Selecting A Lawyer To Assist You With Car Accident Compensation

For the best car accident compensation, you also need the best lawyers in the business. But which law firm should you choose? It can be downright confusing when you start looking for lawyers, especially since you have hundreds of them in the public sphere. With the information in this article, you will be able to talk to your lawyer better and make the most of your meeting while you are searching for legal expertise. For firms that are experienced in dealing with car accident compensation, you can also get more information at the end of this article. Expert resources on car accident lawyer are located on that site.

To get the no win no fee solicitor that you need for this case, you should give the prospective firm all the information it needs. Accident documentation provided will determine the kind of car accident claim that should be filed. Medical records to show during your first meeting should include all medical documents, including data about insurance coverage and information about your health prediction, and impending medical costs. Medical compensation will be one of the first issues a compensation solicitor would like to tackle.

You should bring along accident and police reports about your injuries when you have your first meeting with your lawyers regarding car accident compensation. personal injury lawyers can then obtain all the information that they require to claim for a full settlement. It is important to talk about how your life has changed post-accident in terms of your job and quality of life. You can also get compensation not just for the pain that you had to go through, but for the work days that you missed because you were recovering from your injuries.

As you give more information to the car accident lawyer, you should also be taking some information from them. You can start off by asking the lawyer how many car accident cases he has already worked on and how long he has been practicing law. It would be good on your part to find out an estimate on how long your case will be resolved and what your settlement will be. A personal injury solicitor who is given all of the above documents and information should be able to make some substantial estimates in this field. Visit this site for further information on car accident melbourne.

Contact the Bar Association to verify if the lawyer is in good standing. You may be able to obtain information about the lawyer’s education level and area of specialization with the help of a referral service. You can also ask the lawyer for this information. Some solicitors will provide client referrals so you can determine how your case will be handled.

It’s difficult enough to get on the road to recovery after a car accident. You should have a good lawyer fighting for you and making sure that your settlement needs are well met. By adhering to these steps, you can bet your car accident compensation claim is in good hands.