Well, several people are not aware of “straightforward syndication” and its purpose. It is an online file that contains all the latest information like news, podcasts or videos, which people can see on time. In this way, a website can publish the content using RSS before being displayed by other channels. 

It is simply an XML text file. It contains all the trending lists of articles, descriptions, and trending links. This way, you can directly get in touch with the latest news and podcasts without hassle. Moreover, there are many free RSS feed sites that you can easily use to access the newest published content. However, so many people are unaware of how RSS feed works? That is why; here is the answer to your question.

Find a suitable RSS reader

RSS feeds work from its reader. So, to function, a user needs to get an RSS reader. You can find many popular readers online, like feed reader, Feedly, and the old reader. Once you have selected the suitable one for yourself, you need to create an account on the website. If this way, a user can easily subscribe to the RSS feed they want to check out.

Find the link provided by an RSS feed

Once you have created your account, the website will share a URL code with you. You can use this code to subscribe to the website. However, you will never get the URL link on your text. Instead, you have to find it on the website itself. Some of the RSS websites show the link on their home page.

 You can find it at the top of the page in the header or the website or at the bottom in the website’s footer. Moreover, it does not link the regular URL code; it will look like waves, a sign similar to wi-fi. You have t click on the link and copy it. People often get confused while finding the URL link because it is quite different from others.

 Moreover, several people do not find the RSS icons on the homepage. In that case, you can directly perform a web search which is commonly known as an insider RSS feed. Once you click on it, find a page stating the link and copy it. If a user copies the link and places it after creating an account, only they can use the RSS feed and subscribe to their favourite content.

Now the user needs to subscribe to the RSS feeds

Once you have copied the RSS link provided by the website, you have to subscribe to the content you like to watch. But for that, you have to go to the RSS reader program and find a link. This link is used to add new feeds to your list. Once you have found the link enter the URL into the feed box to get the desired list.

 Once you enter it, a list of articles, videos, podcasts, and advertisements will be enabled. You can browse those lists and click on the data you want to read. You can also save it and share it in groups or other platforms. The best part is that you can continue adding the data, articles, and RSS feed into the RSS reader until you find the entire desirable website you want to see later.

Review and watch at ease

Once you are done subscribing to all the RSS feed you want to keep track of, you can now simply watch them anytime you visit the website. They will highlight the newest feeds launched by the pages you have subscribed to and show the oldest content that has been there for months. 

Now you can see everything published on the platforms without even waiting. These RSS feeds to ensure that all the information is available for you on short notice of time. Apart from it, several free RSS websites are available to opt from. Some of them are paid, while some are unpaid. So you can choose them according to your convenience. Moreover, if you are confused about what site offers you what features, you can also check the rating and reviews of those already using it.