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Eleven Global Warming Stories from 2013 You Probably Never Heard Of

(If you’re a regular reader of Quixotes, some of these stories will be familiar to  you.  The rest are certainly eye-openers, if you haven’t heard of them.  Tip of the hat to Christian for this article.  — DQ) Elmer Beauregard — M4GW.com — January 1, 2014 If you get your news from the likes of […]

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This year’s “coldest winter” headlines

But, wait a minute. Global warming, you know.  Climate change. How many of these headlines have you seen in your local papers?  Or the Toronto Star?  Or the Globe and Mail?   But after Hurricane Sandy hit, that’s all we’ve read about for months now. So here, are the headlines from around the world, addressing, […]

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Board of Health Report, February 22, 2013 — Briefing Note & Literature Review on wind turbines and human health

Board of Health Report, February 22, 2013 Briefing Note On September 21, 2012 the Board of Health heard presentations from several groups of residents who were living near wind turbine developments and experiencing various symptoms.  The Board requested that a review of the literature be done and reported to them.  Dr. Ian Arra (research co-ordinator […]

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