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Which party is more in tune with the needs of Ontarians?

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Wisconsin — Wind energy debate is about health, not politics

Senator Frank Lasee — Journal Sentinel — May 25, 2013 As one of the politicians who has “pulled out the stops” in the debate over wind energy, I take exception to the May 19 op-ed from Clean Wisconsin. I represent the 197,000 good folks of Wisconsin who live in the heart of wind country, where dozens […]

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It’s the cold, not global warming, that we should be worried about

Fraser Nelson — The Telegraph — March 28, 2013 No one seems upset that in modern Britain, old people are freezing to death as hidden taxes make fuel more expensive A few months ago, a group of students in Oslo produced a brilliant spoof video that lampooned the charity pop song genre. It showed a […]

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Wind power is all about subsidies not green energy

Letter to Editor — EMC Belleville — March 28, 2013 I would like to provide an explanation to those of you who question the anti-wind turbine opposition movement in Ontario. Having been involved in the fight to stop around 37 industrial wind turbines (each 156 meters/515 feet high) on Amherst Island, west of Kingston, for […]

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What AWEA (and CANwea) Doesn’t Want You To Know About Wind Power

Institute for Energy Research — Canada Free Press — November 9, 2012 Renewable Electricity Standards and Other Pro-Wind Policies In 2011, wind energy generated 2.9 percent of our electricity. And, yes, its level of generation has more than doubled since President Obama has taken office. While there is no doubt that his policies have benefited […]

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