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July 2015 release — Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax

Nobel laureate Ivar Giaever’s speech at the Nobel Laureates meeting 1st July 2015.  In the video, he points out not-well known facts about the climate. Copyright is owned by 2015 Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. (From Donna — Just as a side note, the next time you’re in a debate with one of the […]

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The Human Cost of Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Garth Manning — Toronto Sun — November 17, 2013 In 2009, the Ontario government, seeking to appear green, expropriated our property rights and democratic freedoms with its Green Energy Act (GEA). The GEA removed the power of municipal politicians to represent their constituents in green energy matters and imposed 550 meters as a regulated setback […]

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MPP Lisa Thompson introduces “Ensuring Affordable Energy Act” today

Media Release from Lisa Thompson Friends: You have been clear—and Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak and the PC Caucus has listened. We need to do something immediately about industrial wind turbines in our communities. I was proud to introduce the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act today. We know that energy issues; particularly wind turbine issues have been of […]

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U.S. — Renewable energy contested — “Electricity Freedom Act”

NewsReview.com — December 6, 2012 A group skeptical of climate change is working on legislation to overturn state renewable-energy mandates throughout the nation. The Heartland Institute, a libertarian think tank, has collaborated with the conservativeAmerican Legislative Exchange Council(ALEC) to produce the Electricity Freedom Act, which would repeal requirements for utilities to purchase some of their energy from […]

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WARWICK: Mayor upset with lack of communication and common sense in planning

Paul Morden — Sarnia Observer — November 29, 2012 Plans for up to a dozen wind turbines in Warwick Township have Mayor Todd Case feeling frustrated. Nextera Energy is holding the first of three public meetings about its 150-MW Jericho Wind project at Centennial Hall in Watford Feb. 6, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The […]

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Brantford being encouraged to suck up the FIT subsidies

Advocates hold meetings on energy co-operative Michael-Allan Marion — Brantford Expositor — November 16, 2012 PARIS – Green advocates are trying to spark public interest in establishing a co-operative to produce and market renewable energy. The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association is partnering with Brant Renewable Energy to establish the green co-op with a series of […]

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McGuinty’s Green Energy Act’s “Mortality Threshold” favours wind developers over Ontario’s natural heritage

Rick Conroy — The Wellington Times — November 16, 2012 How ministry bureaucracy tasked with protecting Ontario’s natural heritage is clearing the way for industrial wind development What is an Important Bird Area? Does it have any specific meaning or legal weight? Not much, it seems, when it comes to industrial wind factories or solar […]

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Head of the German Energy Agency calls their Renewable Energy Act “Pure Insanity”

Der Spiegel — November 15, 2012 Stephan Kohler, the head of the German Energy Agency, says the country must act smarter and more realistically in its transition to renewable energy. The “feel-good” subisides for locally produced wind and solar power have had unintended consequences, he says, and the envirnomental movement is often part of the […]

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Tim Hudak speaks to the APPrO, outlining the PC plans for Ontario energy

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An ill wind for McGuinty

Lorrie Goldstein — Toronto Sun — November 3, 2012 One of the worst things the Dalton McGuinty government did in its disastrous dash into green energy was to ride roughshod over the health complaints of rural Ontarians regarding industrial wind turbines. Basically McGuinty dismissed them as NIMBYS. That is, people who weren’t really suffering any […]

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Energy’s not green but the money is

The Green Energy Act –Wind Turbines and Solar Cells Is it green energy? Not really. Is it expensive energy? You bet. Countylive.ca — September 10, 2012 The green energy act, no matter how well-meaning, is, at this point in time, technologically foolish and fiscally irresponsible. Wind turbines and solar cells are far too expensive for […]

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Ontario faces huge green power subsidy costs, report says.

Fraser Institute — April 19, 2012 Consumers in Ontario could face up to C$18.2bn ($18.28bn) in additional power costs over a 20-year period due to the province’s policy of subsidizing renewable energy, according to a new study from the Fraser Institute, a leading Canadian public policy think-tank. It estimates that commercial and industrial users will […]

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McGuinty Claims to have Municipalities who Desire Turbines

If Dalton McGuinty truly has a list of municipalities who would love to have turbines installed in their areas, this naturally begs the question, “then why is he shoving these industrial monsters down the throats of people who DON’T want them?”  Is this man capable of ever telling the truth?  I highly doubt it.  He […]

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Liberals’ vow of green jobs misses mark

Lorrie Goldstein — QMI Agency — April 14, 2012 I have a business proposition for anyone who still believes Dalton McGuinty will create 50,000 green energy jobs by the end of this year, as he promised in 2009 when he introduced his Green Energy Act. My proposition is I have some ocean front property in […]

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Will Dalton Blow Himself Away?

The Toronto Sun has McGuinty’s Greed Energy Act in its sights and is blasting him with full cannon shot over this erroneously named ‘green’ alternative energy source. The pressure is heating up on all sides of Dalton, but none of us are foolish enough to believe or even think that he’s going to reverse his […]

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