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Ontario Government Climate Change Presentation Riddled With Mistakes (Town Hall Meeting in Guelph today)

The Climate Change Discussion Paper public town hall in Guelph will be held from 6 — 8 p.m. March 18 at the University of Guelph Arboretum on College Avenue East. Tom Harris — Guelph Mercury — March 17, 2015 On Wednesday, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment is leading a town-hall meeting in Guelph to […]

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How the CBC and National Post Twist Facts to Suit Their AGW Agenda

There’s a CBC article dealing with Canada hosting fewer North Pole expeditions.  The headline glaringly attributes this to climate change (with a small nod to economics).  Upon reading the article though, the operators of these polar expeditions explain that it is due to the costs of doing business, limited budgets and transportation fees. WAY down […]

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Great Interview with Lord Christopher Monkton on the Worldwide Campaign to Enforce Climate Agenda

January 10, 2015 Click here to listen to astounding and revealing interview on the world-wide pressure to conform

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50,000 people Protest in Poland against the UN’s climate change agenda

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Global Green Agenda Continues To Fail

Thanks to Maggies Farm for this article: Global Green Agenda Continues To Fail Walter Russell Mead — The American Interest — May 28, 2012 Remember when meetings to debate and negotiate an international carbon treaty were big news? The Copenhagen Summit was hailed as the largest assembly of world leaders ever to gather for one event; […]

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