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3 Decades of Alarmists’ False Climate Prophesies Unfulfilled

From Principia Scientifica — August 10, 2018 Written by Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com) Thirty years of continued false climate alarms have sounded since climate change scientists started making their cataclysmic predictions that global manmade pollutants will catastrophically rise global temperatures to the point of killing off crops, mankind and other species – not to mention […]

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Inspirational Genius from the Climate Depot. How to Beat Alarmists at Their Own Game!

Want to win an argument with a climate alarmist?  Use their tactics against them.  And unlike the computer models and apocalyptic forecasts that have been a staple for the Church of Global Warming since it’s inception, that have been proven wrong time after time, we can’t miss. Marc Morano at the Climate Depot came out […]

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Putting ALL the Climate Alarmists Claims to Rest.

Look At the Trends in Extreme Weather and See the State of the World BY EDITOR OF THE FABIUS MAXIMUS WEBSITE ON 5 APRIL 2017 • Summary: Climate activists make bold claims about extreme weather caused by our CO2 emissions, attributing most big weather events to CO2’s influence. Let’s look at the numbers. Have extreme […]

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30 Foot Sea Rise, Super Storms. What’s the latest doomsday prediction?? MEGA DROUGHTS!!!!

(Editor’s Note:  Now we will be hearing about the coming of MEGAdroughts.  Good grief.  Anthropogenic Global Warming is a religion.  And as with ALL religions, it is built on fear-mongering, doomsday predictions, blind faith and tithing [carbon fees]. — DQ) No rain for decades: Stand by for the ‘megadroughts’, scientists warn Tom Bawden — The […]

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Climate change alarmism is a belief system, and needs to be evaluated as such.

Nigel Lawson — May 27, 2014 —  Global Warming Policy Foundation There is something odd about the global warming debate — or the climate change debate, as we are now expected to call it, since global warming has for the time being come to a halt. I have never shied away from controversy, nor — […]

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Constant Climate Change Fear-mongering is Turning Our Kids into Neurotic Wrecks

(Donna’s rant:  Sorry.  My intro is going to be a bit long today because I take great issue with what we are doing to our children.   These poor kids are blasted daily with all sorts of fear-mongering and cataclysmic predictions of the terrible fate that awaits them.  We all know where this is going to […]

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Climate trends don’t back up alarmist claims

Gordon J. Fulks — Oregon Live — March 15, 2014 Keeping score is an American sport. We want to know if our favorite baseball player has hit another home run or if our politicians really do as they promised or if the National Weather Service got the forecast correct. We cheer the winners and lament […]

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Christmas Trees are Doomed!!! Climate Alarmism 101 — A Massive Failure

I stumbled across this article posted on the website Grist — a decidedly pro-climate alarmism site.  All of the problems that I have ever run across connected with the Chicken Little Syndrome exhibited by these people can be found in this one article.  This little story is so poorly written, it would get a massive […]

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The Big Green Killing Machine — Climate alarmism has killed millions of people across the globe and continues to do so every year

(Editor’s Note:  If you read only ONE opinion piece, today, tomorrow, next week, or next month, this should be the one.   Stay with it to the end.  Pointman shines.  — DQ) Optimism, Blogging, and the Big Green Killing Machine Pointman — April 5, 2013 [Excerpt] …  Before kicking around the question of my optimism, I […]

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The Grand View: 4 Billion Years Of Climate Change

Submitted by Doug L. Hoffman — 08/27/2009 — The Resilient Earth Two of the terms bandied about by global warming alarmists are “unprecedented” and “irreversible.” It is troubling that scientists, who should know better, persist in  using these terms even though the history of our planet clearly shows that neither term is accurate. Proof of this […]

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