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Climate Change Cruise: See the Effects of Global Warming While Contributing to Them

(Editor’s Note:  Is anyone else hoping for a repeat of the Antarctic research ship incident from last winter??  This time, let them stay stuck in the ice.  — DQ) Climate Change Cruise Will Bring Tourists Across The Melted Arctic Kelsey D. Atherton — Popular Science — July 25, 2014 Polar bears are the largest land […]

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Polar bears in the Arctic are now being threatened by TOO MUCH ICE!!!

(Under the category of — “You just can’t make this crap up!!” — Polar bears in the Arctic are now being threatened by TOO MUCH ICE!!! By the way, how adorable is this picture?? — DQ) Barbara Hollingsworth — CNSNews — April 25, 2014 Five meters of ice– about 16 feet thick – is threatening the […]

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Live Science Predicts an Ice Free Arctic by 2020 or maybe 2060 or 2035 or 2025. Honest.

Becky Oskin — Our Amazing Planet (Live Science) – April 2013 By the time today’s babies graduate college, there’s a very good chance they could celebrate with a cruise across the North Pole. That’s according to the latest study on Arctic summer sea ice, the frozen pack that lingers through the Northern Hemisphere summer. In […]

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Most Arctic Animals should deal with Climate Change just fine

From the Smithsonian.com — December 21, 2012 In a new study by Anouschka Hof, Roland Jansson and Christer Nilsson, all at Umeå University in Sweden, the trio of scientists found that, in most cases, global warming will actually give a boost to Arctic and subarctic life. Looking at 61 terrestrial mammal species that currently inhabit high-latitude Europe the scientists found that, under […]

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1923 — Thawing in Arctic leads to discovery of new island

From the Mercury (Tasmania) — Monday September 3, 1923 Note: “the island previously was hidden by an iceberg between 70 and 80 feet high, which has melted, showing the exceptional nature of the recent thawing in the Arctic.”

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Wait for it. Wait for it…….

Keep your eyes peeled this summer, folks.  The Arctic ice cap is supposed to disappear. First person to send us the article and accompanying pictures of an ice-free Arctic this summer, wins an amazing cash prize. *Disclaimers* “ice-free” as in zero ice floating or on land Cash award depends on what’s in Dons wallet that […]

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1972 — Ice Cap’s Melting

Deseret News — Salt Lake City, Utah — Monday, May 15, 1972

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